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Any Vocaloid Songs?

I need help finding good Vocaloid songs to listen to, any suggestions?
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Song name masterpost

Hello. I notice a lot of people have been coming to discussions with the same questions -- "what is this song's name, who created it?" etc. So here is a post for that. Ask any question about what song is what, provided you give us details on what the song sounded like. *vocaloid only songs, please*

Here are some suggestions on details to give;

- What key was the song in?

- Can you send a recording of you humming the tune of the song?

- Who was the vocalist?

- What was the PV like?

- Who was the producer?

- Give some of the lyrics?

Good luck on finding your song!

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Could you help me find a song?

Hi everyone, I forgot the name of the song I'm searching, but I remember clearly the video. I hope you can help me.

So it's sung by Miku, the video shows a black and white kingdom. The people there are like people from a circus. There's a lot of people with an animal-head. Miku's like the queen of it. I remember a scene in which a little dragon is in a glass of wine and then dissapears before miku drinks it. Also, I think the video began with a theater curtain.

At the end of the video she sits in her throne with her legs crossed, smiling, with the glass of wine in one hand if I'm not wrong. And then image stops and it's colored.

Oh, and the art of the video is not "anime"-ish. It's kinda different, sorry I don't know how to explain it.

Thanks for taking your time, I hope I can find it soon :(

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Found this Fanloid on youtube!!!!

Lost One's weeping(fanloid cover)
Lost One's weeping(fanloid cover) YouTube
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• 2/13/2019

Favorite Vocaloid Song

Reply with your favorite vocaloid song
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• 2/12/2019


i remember watching a video interview siinamota/ powapowap on youtube . The video started off with 2 people introducing who siinamota is and then they go into his apartment and start filming in there. They sit down and interview him about his songs. I remember they ask why he chose the title " i care because" for his song and he pull out the manga "Dien Bien Phu" in which there's his fav line"i care because you do".

Please, if you can help me find this video i will be SO HAPPY. i tried to search everywhere but nothing come up. Siinamota is my favorite producer and i really need that video in memorial of him :(

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• 2/12/2019

Help me find a song

I forgot the name of it, but I remember it was by Gumi and one of the English lines was "when I'm up against the echo in the mirror" and "I'm gonna burn my house down into an ugly black"
(That's all I really remember but it was a good song and I want to listen to it again... )
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• 2/9/2019

Hi! So I've read that "Category:Producer" page.

Does anyone know where ( if there is ) I can find a translation for this song ?


The title sounds so wrong for me ( Virgin .. hmm ) and since 4-5 years I've been trying to figure out what is it about.. unfortunately still no clue ..

[Deino]Miku Hatsune - Virgin Glory
[Deino]Miku Hatsune - Virgin Glory YouTube
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• 2/5/2019

I need a help to find the song

So I remember an old rock song as far as i can remember, which it is my first Vocaloid song, the pv was about a boy who was bad at the guitar, and found Miku who was at the store front, he broke the store's glass and stole miku to help him for the guitar, and this is the detail as far as I could remember

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• 2/4/2019

Which vocaloid is the best for you

  • Hatsune Miku chan
  • Kagamine Rin
  • Kagamine Len
  • Gumi
  • IA
  • Koboyashi Macha
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• 1/28/2019

I can't find a song

I almost dont remember anything about it exept this: the character in the animation had a black and white stripped uniform, and in the end if the animation he just breaks the shadow that annoyed him with a hammer

Im not sure but maybe it featured Rin

I cant be more precise sry.

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• 1/25/2019

Please, help me find a vocaloid song!

I just cannot, for the life of me, remember the title.

Here is some things I remember:

1. The PV had a honey yellow backgroud, a pictue of the girl (I don`t know what clothes she was wearing? but she might have been either naked, in her underwear or wa japanese school uniforn), and (IMPORTANT!) red flowers.

2. The name of the song was pretty long and contained the name of the red flowers in the PV and maybe the name of a season or a time of day (not so sure about this last one though)

3. The lyrics (Japanese) themself were quite explicit, but they were "Idola circus" or "Ballerina girl" type of explicit where you could fully understand sexual themes altough nothing was said clearly.

4. There was a lyric that said something like "..... and you broke him" (translated)

5. The only thing that I remember about vocaloid is that it was female

6. I watched it on some kind of vocaloid subtitles youtube channel (most likely english). The time frame is probably late 2015- early 2017, so I can probably guess that it is also the timeframe of the songs reliase and/or subbing

7. I remember that I had some kind of a probleme with the sub video. It was something about the text. My best guesses are (from lest likely and useful to most) : either a) the subs blended with the picture, b) there were too much text on each frame and the song was too fast so i couldn`t read it fully without pausing the video OR the song had those unsung sentenses in the break between the chorus and the verse that were on screen for only couple of seconds

My first guess was that i watched it on Hazuki no Yume`s channel, but i couldn`t find this song while browsing their blog, archieves and reupload channels. So I must have watched it elsewhere on Youtube. Unless i somehow missed it.

I tried to squize as much information from my brain as I could possibly remember, but it still feels too vague :(

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• 1/23/2019

Need Help Finding a Vocaloid song!

I can’t remember the title, but the music video has a blond girl character with black bows in her long hair with two personalities (the character is Not a vocaloid tho) and the song is about over analyzing things/ being neurotic (I think?)

and also I believe they’re a a scene with her in a subway? I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, pls help!!

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• 1/22/2019

VOCALOID is not as popular as before.

That's really sad, but VOCALOID isn't that popular as it was on the VOCALOID2/3 days. Now, with V5, we only have Haruno Sora as a 3rd party release on the first months of the engine, while in V2,3 and 4, there were a lot more. Also new song releases are scarce, and the ones who come out rarely are hits (ex. Beau Jordan's ZÈRO, which uses Avanna.)

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• 1/19/2019

How old do talk page posts have to be before they can be archived?

I can't find any age limit for talk page posts for when they can be archived, but it says to keep the most recent ones on the current talk page.

Would it be best to assume that talk page posts become old at around 2-3 months? Is a month too soon?

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• 1/19/2019

Can't Find a Song?

I can't remember the name of this song I use to listen too. It featured Miku and Rin and the music video was very colorful and kinda looked like a video game. They were dressed in very colorful, slightly revealing clothing and they wore smug looks on their faces. Through out the video sleezy guys were chasing rin and miku around trying to impress them but the girls just sang about how guys were jerks and that they weren't on their level. I know that's sounds so crazy but it's out there somewhere any help would be appreciated.

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• 1/18/2019

Help me find an old song.

I once saw it on youtube for a long time ago. Can only remember some of the story.

It's about a guy who look like he fall and lost his memory, a girl take him back to her house and allowed him to stay, both of them felt in love with each other. After a while, some bandit or thug rushed into the house and took the house supply. After that, the girl was ill, so the guy took her to a grass-filled place at the front of a church. He then gave her the grass ring he make, then the girl died, spilled the flower pot she carried with her. He also died. From the place that flower pot spilled (and the place they died) grow a flower.

From my memory, i think the the Boy is len, the Girl is Miku. I could be wrong, but most of the story is still right, especially the ending cause it hitted me hard.

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• 1/15/2019

On project diva F 2nd...

How can I earn the extra songs in the game?
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• 1/15/2019

Adding to song lists?

I've done several Vocaloids and I'd like to add at least some of them to the song lists here. I think if I read the policies correctly it's ok for me to do that? Anyone know if that's the case?

Also, does a song in the list necessarily need to have its own page? Because it seems (asgain if I read things correctly ) that maybe as a producer I can add songs to the list but not add an actual song page? (As you can tell, I'm a bit confused.)

If a page is added for a song, does that automatically populate the list?


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