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Angel Emfrbl
Bunai Di
• 3/9/2013

"Vocaloid 1"

Okay excuse me for bring this up, but can we not use the term "Vocaloid 1".

The software was just called "Vocaloid", to signal that we've always written it as Vocaloid rather then Vocaloid to make sure its referring to the engine and not the actual character.

The only other time we have to worry about this sort of name with the word "Vocaloid" is Vocaloid™ when referring to the franchise name. But thats nothing.

Note, I'm not creating a issue over the use of it in the CFM nav template, just the use in general pages like Kaito or Meiko. :-/

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Angel Emfrbl
Bunai Di
• 3/10/2013

Sorry, it's a no from me. I use numbers to differentiate between the engines and when referring to the mascots. I never used italics or TM to refer to the products.

It caught on with Yamaha[1] and some of the other official companies. I don't view it as being incorrect since people refer to VOCALOID™ as the "First Vocaloid engine", the word first being the keyword.

If it's the edit to the navigation that bothers you then just change it back but at least understand that the adding "Vocaloids" and "Vocaloid" and listing the same characters for the top as is the bottoms does appear odd.

• 3/10/2013

I don't cause a fuss over the sorting processes, just over the use within articles themselves. The use of italics, was in use before you came and its one of the earliest ways of seperating things. I used it on wikipedia because that is how wikipedia titles any product, but when I came to work on this wikia I brought it in on the same day because it was easier then to continue the same style from one to the other. I've not created a issue of this except once in the past and that was last year.  :-/

Vocaloid is a franchise (which includes all 3 engines and other variations of it such as the Cubase version, the ipad version, etc). The use of "VOCALOID™" refers to the whole franchise, hence the "TM" or trademark note. Its not much worry though Bunai because quite honestly... Theres only two pages on the whole wikia that need to refer to this right now, the main page which introduces that we're to cover the whole of the franchise and relation products and the Vocaloid which details how v1 came into existence. Beyond this, we have no other use of the use of the little TM sign anyway. Its not such a big deal, I mentioned it here just as a footnote. And even then I only introduced it recently because in the process of sorting I'm trying to seperate one version of the word "Vocaloid" from another.

"Vocaloid" right refers to the engine, the franchise, the actual characters themselves, and the vocaloid project which centres around the development of the entire. Separating these 4 incidents of the use of the word "Vocaloid" is difficult and can get confusing. So far we fortunately have only had to create articles related to the 3 of the 4 incidents of the use of the word "Vocaloid". The fourth one, specifically the develop project title, is covered within these articles so there is no need for article to cover it (thank goodness). :-/

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