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Bunai Di
• 4/23/2013

Future projects: Linking producer pages by navigation box

As topic states. This :Template:Pros|tried before only there was no plan on how to even attempt it. There are over 600+ pages of producers, combine that with illustrators.

  • What I can try is the group method, breaking down the Producer names in lettered groups and then connecting to another group by using single producer name.
  • I can also use ParserFunctions, this means using the "Switch" parser to call upon which group to display on a producer page. This would result in not needing a bunch of templates for individual groups. It can be a single template with subgroups.
  • The issue is should this template consist of grouping by single letter or by a certain amount of letters. (and numbers/symbols, depending on the producers alias). Example:
    • - A bunch of producers who have an alias that begins with the letter A while others have B or C etc.
    • - Or taking ABC named producers and having them be grouped together.
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Bunai Di
• 4/23/2013
The grouping method seems like a good idea to at least test out. If that doesn't work then I guess try the template idea?
• 4/26/2013
I think of something in the coming months. I would need a bot to test out placing the template anyway.
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