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• 5/28/2013

Thread for discussing minor s...tuff that shouldn't even be an issue but is.

So like two or three days ago, me and Lazmmisy had this huge argument about in which order should the producers inside the song box template be credited. So she insisted we credit them strictly in the order of music->lyrics->video for the sake of consistency. Which makes sense when you think about it.

But on the other hand, I believe it's more important to stick with the order that appears in the original song's description. I mean, the song is not yours, you weren't there and took no part in its creation, so it's not your right to decide in which order the people who actually did create the song should be credited, so if the producer wants to put their illustrator before their lyricist, no matter the reason it's not our business and we should just go with it.

So yeah, since there is no strict guidelines and both reasonings make sense, this problem was created. So right now it's the way Misssssssy insisted on, but since I believe rearrenging a few names doesn't break the overall consistency of the song box and no one should be confused by something like this, I would feel way better if we could honour producer's order of credit...

So, it would be helpful if some other than us two said what they feel about this but I realize no one probably gives a shit about something like this

Also we seem to get into conflict pretty often so in future if something like this arises again, hopefully we can use this thread to talk it over instead of starting an edit war.

And for everybody else, if you feel something annoys you but you also feel it's nitpicky and doesn't really warrant a thread, or you are not sure if anyone would object if you were to change that something, you can also use this thread and voice your opinion here, yay.

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• 5/28/2013

Your title very much describes my feelings towards this.

How a producer credits their illustrators, vocalists or whatever is up to them. How we do it is how we do it and by no means does it disrespect anyone who's work on a song just because we didn't lay it out the same way the producer did.

No matter the order it's presented in the illustrator is still the illustrator, the producer is still the producer, the vocalist is still the vocalist and so on. If a producer credits the illustrator first on his vid then that's his choice, but the amount of credit he gives him does not change if he if he instead credits him last.

TL;DR : I fail to see how a simple layout could be seen as rude to the author, unless someone wasn't creditted.

• 5/28/2013

Thank you for your input.

Well, my point is there is not really "how we do this", since the template simply has the place to put producers in, how you put them depends on you (apparently, in theory).

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