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Bunai Di
• 6/1/2013

Proper Archiving

Okay, I've noticed that when you guys use references you link the direct thing, that's great and all but not to great, reason being is that stuff gets taken down. For example, Tianyi's reference page that said she was the amongst the top 5 designs for the contest got taken down, along with Oliver's Tweet saying his name was originally supposed to be Cody, and Galaco's original demo was taken off YT. I was wondering if the Wikia had some place where they could upload videos and MP3s so when stuff gets taken down we can show people directly from the Wikia. For the websites that get taken down I thought it'd be a good idea to catch a screencap and use that as a back-up reference for situations like Tianyi's and Oliver's, what do you guys think?

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Bunai Di
• 6/9/2013

If you feel a ref is important enough to save offline and reupload using a host, then go ahead. We can't predict if a company or official statement will be removed and there is currently no one willing to record hundreds of references. I am too busy with four other wikis to do something like that.

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