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Bunai Di
• 6/6/2013

adding a song comparison

Just a note, we had a song comparison that contained all songs in the V3 era, which was great....

Except it had too many errors in it and I had to remove it. :-/

Eg.; Yukari started out as a voiceroid (she was released as both voiceroid and vocaloid), Mew was the first V3... Not to mention things like optimum genre and stuff for vocaloids who we've had no official word on.

Anyone got a more accurate one to put up? :-/

the comparisons are useful, its just we need one thats sound proof for our own sakes.

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Bunai Di
• 6/6/2013

Try telling this to the one who uploaded the video (Jmuniz1501) so they can improve. If you're waiting for BadBenHo then it isn't possible due to them not being active.

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