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Now on nico!

Hey guys! this is apol of Apakilypse! we are proud to present you this song featuring YOHIOloid!! it is an honor to be a part of this project! I hope you guys like it, and thank you for the support!!

Aki's message: "Hi everyone this is Aki (EmpathP) here with Apakilypse, and I'm super excited to present with my beloved Apol the next YOHIOloid demo "Neapolitan"! Apol and I worked super hard on this song, both with the music and lyrics. We wanted it to be special, as we were fortunate enough to get permission to use YOHIOloid with it. For this song, my job was to write the lyrics and do the vocal arrangement while Apol composed ALL the music and did all the mastering and mixing. As I had already produced a Ballad demo with YOHIOloid on my EmpathP channel, I really wanted to show the power his voicebank is capable with for this song. And as my dear Apol is such an amazing producer of Rock, I worked very hard to tune YOHIOloid properly. I hope you will all enjoy this newest single from Apakilypse, and please support both us and YOHIOloid!"

Kenta Message: Hello! Uploading for apol here~ I heard Apol and Aki worked so hard on this, and so i tried to make a good PV to make it worth the watch~ The music is already so good! Niekaori did a great favor to me by drawing all these amazing assets! Enjoy this new song by the Apakilipse team!

Niekaori's message: "thank you so much for inviting me to draw pv for yohioloid! It's an honor! aki's lyric is just wonderful, apol's tuning and guitar are just awesome and not to mention kenta's amazing pv skill! please enjoy the song and pv!"


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Song: NeapolitaN Music: apolP Lyrics: EmpathP Illustration: Niekaori Movie: Kenta

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