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Image of "Место под солнцем (Mesto Pod Solntsem)"
Album title
  • "Место под солнцем"
  • Latin: Mesto Pod Solntsem
  • English: A Place in the Sun
  • Alias: Lelik CD
Published 2006, for USD 9.95 for Physical or Download
  • LEON (lead and back vocals)


Место под солнцем is an album featuring VOCALOID LE♂N, dubbed "LËLIK" by Alexei Ustinov. It includes 14 modern dance tracks in modern arrangement, with lyrics in English and Russian.[1][2]

As was noted when LEON was used for this album, some of the songs were designed for a male with a rougher timbre than he offered, and LEON was unable to provide the needed vocal results for the songs. The creation of this album led to the later creation of BIG AL to fulfill these roles.[3]

Track listing[]

All tracks written by Alexei Ustinov. With arrangements by Alexei Kosolapov.

1."Радость (Radost')" (Joy)5:22
2."Работа (Rabota)" (Work)5:07
3."Долги (Dolgi)" (Debts)5:04
4."Спорт (Sport)" (Sport)5:07
5."Девочки (Devochki)" (Girls)4:53
6."Я люблю (Ya lyubyu)" (I Love)5:02
7."Место под солнцем (Mesto Pod Solntsem)" (A Place In The Sun)4:47
8."Joy" (English ver.)5:20
9."Work" (English ver.)5:07
10."Debts" (English ver.)5:04
11."Sport" (English ver.)5:07
12."Girls" (English ver.)4:53
13."I Love" (English ver.)5:02
14."A Place in the Sun" (English ver.)4:45
Total length:70:40


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