Image of "「悪ノ娘」 読書のためのBGM集 ("Aku no Musume" Dokusho no Tame no BGM Shuu)"
Album title
  • "「悪ノ娘」 読書のためのBGM集"
  • Romaji: "Aku no Musume" Dokusho no Tame no BGM Shuu
  • English: "The Daughter of Evil" BGM Reading Collection
Published February 17, 2014
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Background[edit | edit source]

""Aku no Musume" Dokusho no Tame no BGM Shuu" is a special album released by mothy as a bonus along with the first volume of The Daughter of Evil manga when ordered from Animate. It only contains instrumentals arranged by Toraboruta-P that was meant as background music when reading the manga.

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Tracklist[edit | edit source]

1."悪ノ娘ト召使 (Aku no Musume to Meshitsukai)" (The Daughter and Servant of Evil) 
2."悪ノ娘 アレンジバージョン (Aku no Musume Arrange Version)" (The Daughter of Evil Arrange Version) 
3."悪ノ召使 アレンジバージョン (Aku no Meshitsukai Arrange Version)" (The Servant of Evil Arrange Version) 

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