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Image of "あきこロイドちゃんLOVE (Akikoloid-chan LOVE)"
Album title
  • "あきこロイドちゃんLOVE"
  • English: Akikoloid-chan LOVE
Published December 12, 2012, for ¥1,980


"Akikoloid-chan LOVE" is Akikoloid-chan's first compilation album by Lawson. Most of the tracks on the CD were previously used as demo songs.

The album comes with an additional DVD disc that contains 2 videos with concert footage and some PVs.

Track listing[]

1."青いコンビニであいましょう (Aoi Konbini de Aimashou)" (I'll See You at The Blue Convenience Store)EHAMICEHAMICAkikoloid-chan4:08
2."VOCALAWSON desu."Utata-PUtata-PAkikoloid-chan3:30
3."トルコ行進曲 - コンビニ\(^o^)/ (Toruko Koushinkyoku - Konbini\(^o^)/)" (Turkish March - Convenience Store \(^o^)/)Owata-PWolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Owata-PAkikoloid-chan3:04
4."コンビニとあなたの相似性に関するアレコレ (Konbini to Anata no Soujisei ni Kansuru Arekore)" (This and That about Similarity between You and Convenience Stores)Kobayashi OnyxKobayashi OnyxAkikoloid-chan3:16
5."エンジョイクルー! ~リンリンシグナル LAWSON Ver. (Enjoy Crew! ~Rin Rin Signal LAWSON Ver.)"Signal-PSignal-PAkikoloid-chan, Camui Gackpo4:02
6."カラフルフィルター (Colorful Filter)"Hachioji-PHachioji-PAkikoloid-chan3:00
7."プレゼンティー (Presentee)"LamazePLamazePAkikoloid-chan3:05
8."明日になればまた続く (Ashita ni Nareba Mata Tsuzuku)" (It's Going to Continue Again When Tomorrow Comes)bakerbakerAkikoloid-chan3:25
9."LOVE 'O CLOCK"DJ aliyDJ aliyAkikoloid-chan4:08
10."三ッ星レシピ (Mitsuboshi Recipe)" (Three Star Recipe)OSTER projectOSTER projectAkikoloid-chan3:21
11."英語でジングルベル -utata remix- (Eigo de Jingle Bell -utata remix-)" (Jingle Bells in English -utata remix-)James Lord PierpontJames Lord Pierpont, Utata-PAkikoloid-chan3:12
12."きみのせいだよ。 (Kimi no Sei dayo.)" (It's Your Fault.)EHAMICEHAMICAkikoloid-chan4:21
13."ストライプのサンタクロース (Stripe no Santa Claus)" (Santa Claus Dressed in Stripe)Captain MiraiCaptain MiraiAkikoloid-chan3:53
14."素敵な気持ち (Suteki na Kimochi)" (A Wonderful Feeling)Toraboruta-PToraboruta-PAkikoloid-chan3:49
15."ミートミーツガール (Meat Meets Girl)"Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuPIe no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuPAkikoloid-chan4:17
16."ハレマチ夜空 (Haremachi Yozora)" (Haremachi Night Sky)ichiichiAkikoloid-chan4:02
17."Sunday"EasyPopEasyPopAkikoloid-chan, Megurine Luka3:11
18."からあげクン音頭2012 (Karaage-kun Ondo 2012)"HyadainHyadainAkikoloid-chan1:52
19."からあげクン音頭2012 ヒャダインのリリリリ☆リミックス (Karaage-kun Ondo 2012 Hyadin no ReReReRe☆Remix)"HyadainHyadainAkikoloid-chan2:32
Total length:1:06:08

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