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Image of "こっち向いて Baby (Kocchi Muite Baby)"
Song title
  • "こっち向いて Baby"
  • Romaji: Kocchi Muite Baby
  • English: Look This Way, Baby
Published July 2, 2010, with 1,029,000+ Niconico views
  • ryo (music, lyrics)
  • KEI (illustration)
  • SEGA (video)


"Kocchi Muite Baby" is the opening song for "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd". A reprint of the opening cinematic for "-Project DIVA- 2nd" on YouTube, which features "Kocchi Muite Baby", has reached over six million views.[1] The subject matter of the song is rather similar to "World is Mine", with Miku portrayed as a "himedere" character being condescending to her boyfriend.

"Kocchi Muite Baby" has entered the Hall of Legend. It was released as a split single with kz's song "Yellow" and is featured on the compilation albums VOCALOID BEST from ニコニコ動画(あか), 初音ミク -Project DIVA- extend Complete Collection, and Hatsune Miku ‐ Project DIVA‐2nd NONSTOP MIX COLLECTION.

Succeeding versions

Opening MV - Project DIVA 2nd
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Category Game cinematic


1... 2...
1, 2, 3 Yeah!

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
強がってばっかでなんか tsuyogatte bakka de nanka
損してる気がする だってそうじゃん sonshiteru ki ga suru datte sou jan
言えないようなコトがしたいの ienai you na koto ga shitai no
あんなコトとか anna koto toka
やだ・どんなコト? yada... ...donna koto?

オトコってバカばっかね otoko tte baka bakka ne
変なコト今考えたでしょ hen na koto ima kangaeta desho
キミって嘘がつけないタイプ kimi tte uso ga tsukenai taipu
だいぶ顔に出てる Are you ok? daibu kao ni deteru Are you ok?
情状酌量の余地ナシ joujou shakuryou no yochi nashi
まるでお話にならないわ marude ohanashi ni naranai wa

ねえ ne?

壮大なロマン語る前に soudai na roman kataru mae ni
現状分析できてる? genjou bunseki dekiteru?
ああ!キミって鈍感 aa! kimi tte donkan

ねえ nee

ちゃんとこっち向いて Baby chanto kocchi muite Baby
NO なんて言わせないわ No nante iwasenai wa
本気モードなんだから honki moodo nan dakara
思わず見とれちゃうぷるぷる唇で omowazu mitorechau buru buru kuchibiru de
キミを虜にするの kimi wo toriko ni suru no
今日こそ勝負なんです! kyou koso shoubu nan desu!

Come on, baby!

意地張ってばっかでなんか Ijihatte bakka de nanka
正直になれない しょうがないじゃん shoujiki ni narenai shou ga nai jan
後ろからぎゅってして欲しいの ushiro kara gyutte shite hoshii no
なんてね えへへ nante ne ehehe
・ってちょっと待って!? ...tte chotto matte!?

焦らせないで まったく aserasenai de mattaku
そういうのってもっとムードとかあるでしょ sou iu notte motto muudo toka aru desho
こんな気持ちにさせておいて konna kimochi ni sasete oite
ほっとかれるなんて許さない hotto kareru nante yurusanai
もう!責任取って? mou! Sekinin totte?

ねえ nee

ちょっとこっち向いて Baby chotto kocchi muite Baby
NO なんて言わせないわ No nante iwasenai wa
その気にさせるんだから sono ki ni saserun dakara
思わず拝みたくなるようなおみ足で omowazu ogamitaku naru youna omi ashi de
キミを虜にするの kimi wo toriko ni suru no
デレデレしないでよ dere dere shinai de yo

言葉じゃ伝わんない kotoba ja tsutawanai
大きな大きなハートマーク ookina ooki na haato maaku
どうしよう 胸がきゅんとして dou shiyou mune ga kyun to shite
なんにも考えらんない nan ni mo kangaerannai
うう キミってやつは uu kimi tte yatsu wa

ねえ nee

もっとこっち向いて Baby motto kocchi muite Baby
何度も言わせないで nando mo iwasenai de
私もう知らないんだから watashi mou shiranain dakara
思わず構っちゃいたくなるようなのも omowazu kamacchaitaku naru youna no mo
いいかな ii kara
えっと今のはナシナシ etto ima no wa nashi nashi
なによもう 文句あんの nani yo mou monku anno

Written by an unknown artist, this version of the lyrics was used in the English version of Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd.

1... 2...
1, 2, 3 Yeah!

I'm always playing tough, aren't I?
It feels like I'm missing out
There's stuff I want to do, but I'm not saying what
You know, that kind of stuff
Wait what? ....What'd you think I meant?

Boys really are stupid
You thought something dirty, didn't you
You're a terrible liar
It's written all over your face, are you OK?
I'm not pulling punches
Ugh, it's like talking to a wall

Before you go on about your epic dreams
Have you looked at where you are?
Sheesh, you're dense


Look this way, baby, the way you should
I won't take "no" for an answer
'Cause I'm playing for keeps
These soft lips you can't but help but stare at
Will make you mine
Today's the day!

C'mon baby!

I'm always so stubborn, aren't I?
I can't be straight forward, but that's just how I am
I want you to hug me from behind
Just kidding, hee hee
...Wait, hang on!

Don't surprise me like that
You've got to take things slow
But you can't wind me up like this
And then just walk off! Not cool!
Take some responsibility for once!


Look this way, baby, just a little
I won't take "no" for an answer
I'll get you in the mood
These legs you can't help but worship
Will make you mine
Don't get all smitten now

Words aren't enough to express
How big these feelings of mine are
What now? My heart's all aflutter
I can't even think
Oooh, boys like you


Look this way, baby, a little more
Don't make me say it again
Fine, whatever!
I'll do something you can't help but notice
I think
No, scratch that
What, you got a problem with that?


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A popular MikuMikuDance PV that heavily imitates the Project DIVA video. The motion data has been reused in numerous other MMD PVs.

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  1. Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd Opening Full HD - YouTube

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