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Album title
  • "ひとりにしないで。"
  • Romaji: Hitori ni Shinaide
  • English: Don't Leave me Alone
Published September 6, 2009, for ¥1,000


ひとりにしないで。 (Don't Leave me Alone) or more formally known as プーチンP第1部 「ひとりにしないで。」 (Putin-P Part 1 "Don't Leave me Alone.") is Putin-P's first album.

It contains 11 tracks, 9 published songs from the Putin-P Series (only without Ronald's voice) and 2 unpublished songs. The full version of 4 songs ("All Together!", "It's the End!", "I'm Happy!", and "I'll Give you Chocolate!") are also included in the album. It was first distributed in VOC@LOID M@STER 12. On June 19, 2021, it was made available online.

Succeeding albums[]

Track listing[]

1."おしまいだぜ!" (Oshimai daze! / It's the End!)Kagamine Rin3:04
2."ひとりにしないで。" (Hitori ni Shinaide. / Don't Leave me Alone.)Kagamine Rin and Len4:58
3."いっしょにね!" (Issho ni ne! / Together!)Kagamine Rin4:40
4."ゆめをみようよ。" (Yume o Miyou yo. / Let's Dream.)Kagamine Rin and Len3:26
5."ちょこあげる!" (Choko Ageru! / I'll Give You Chocolate!)Kagamine Rin and Len3:46
6."さくらのしたで☆" (Sakura no Shita de☆ / Under the Cherry Blossoms☆)Kagamine Rin and Len4:21
7."しあわせなの!" (Shiawase no! / I'm Happy!)Kagamine Rin3:37
8."おなわをちょーだいっ!" (Onawa o Choudai! / Gimme the Handcuffs!)Kagamine Rin and Len2:34
9."はじまりだね!" (Hajimari da ne! / It's the Start!)Kagamine Rin2:58
10."せのびのしゅるい。" (Senobino Shurui. / Tippy-Toe Type)Kagamine Rin and Len4:37
11."おおきなはねで!" (Ookina Hane de! / Big Rush!)Kagamine Rin4:27
Total length:42:28


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