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Image of "わたしの未成年観測 (Watashi no Miseinen Kansoku)"
Album title
  • "わたしの未成年観測"
  • Romaji: Watashi no Miseinen Kansoku
  • English: Diary of Underage Observation
Published March 14, 2018, for ¥2,300 (Regular Edition) and ¥3,500 (Limited Edition)


"Watashi no Miseinen Kansoku" is the first major VOCALOID album by KurageP. The framing device of the album concerns a girl taking notes on the various "youth" subjects of the songs featured on the album. Track 13 is a bonus track.

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Track listingEdit

All tracks written by KurageP.
1."わたしのアール (Watashi no R)" (My R)Hatsune Miku3:33
2."チュルリラ・チュルリラ・ダッダッダ! (Chururira Chururira Daddadda!)"Yuzuki Yukari (Karasuyasabou, Yono, KurageP)3:16
3."アマゴイ未成年 (Amagoi Miseinen)"Hatsune Miku4:24
4."チェチェ・チェック・ワンツー! (Che-che Check One Two!)"Yuzuki Yukari3:22
5."ぼんじんパレード (Bonjin Parade)" (Parade of Mediocre People)Otomachi Una3:46
6."わすれんぼう (Wasurenbou)" (Forgetful Girl)Hatsune Miku4:56
7."おどれ!VRダンス! (Odore! VR Dance!)" (DANCE! VR DANCE!)Otomachi Una (Ayaha, Karasuyasabou, Carlos Hakamada, CapsLack, Konnichiwa Tanita-san, seeeeecun, Shijima, Zig, Sori Sawada, nulut, Harumaki Gohan, LITCHI, KurageP)3:26
8."キライ・キライ・ジガヒダイ! (Kirai Kirai Jiga Hidai!)" (Hate It! Hate It! Huge Ego!)Otomachi Una3:34
9."トラッシュ・アンド・トラッシュ! (TRASH and TRASH!)"Kagamine Rin3:01
10."ひとごろしのバケモノ (Hitogoroshi no Bakemono)" (Murder Monster)Hatsune Miku3:55
11."それは、いいことだよ (Sore wa, Ii Koto Da Yo)" (But I Loved You.)Hatsune Miku4:29
12."わたしの未成年観測 (Watashi no Miseinen Kansoku)" (Diary of Underage Observation)Kagamine Rin4:26
13."サヨナラチェーンソー (Sayonara Chainsaw)" (Goodbye Chainsaw)Yuzuki Yukari4:10
Total length:50:18

Promotional goodsEdit

Exclusive goodsEdit

The Limited Edition version of this album came with an anthology manga, elaborating on the stories of the songs' subjects.

Specific stores provide something extra with a purchase of the album.

  • Amazon: A CD featuring remixes of NayutalieN's song "Perfect Seimei" and KurageP's song "Odore! VR Dance!" by Kurage P and NayutalieN respectively.
  • Animate: A clearfile featuring the main characters of KurageP's songs.
  • Animate Online: A pin badge featuring an illustration of "Hitogoroshi no Bakemono" by Terada Tera.
  • GAMERS: A clearfile featuring an illustration of "Kirai! Kirai! Jiga Hidai!" by Atsushi Yamanaka.
  • HMV & BOOKS: A clearfile featuring an illustration of "Che-che Check One Two!" by Douman Seiman.
  • TOWER RECORDS: A clearfile featuring an illustration of "Chururira Chururira Daddadda!" by Cherico.
  • TSUTAYA: A pin badge featuring an illustration of "Watashi no Miseinen Kansoku" by Cherico.
  • Village/Vanguard: A CD featuring the songs "Watashi no R" and "TRASH and TRASH!", covered by KurageP.


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