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Album title
  • "アンドロイドガール"
  • Official English: Android Girl
Published May 22nd, 2019, for ¥2,700 (Normal Edition) ¥3,240 (Limited Edition)


アンドロイドガール is DECO*27's 6th studio album, containing songs all produced by him, with arrangements from Rockwell and Emon(Tes.). This song comes in both Regular and Limited Editions, with bonuses added to the Limited Editions depending on which specific store the album is purchased from. The Limited Edition of the album also comes with a Drama CD entitled "妄想鑑賞代償連盟" with a cast of Asanuma Shintaro and Amamiya Sora, written by Uchida Hiroki. The album mostly contains vocals by Hatsune Miku

The album was announced to be available for presale March 22nd, 2019, and would be sold May 22nd, 2019.

Track listingEdit

All tracks written by DECO*27, with arrangements by Rockwell for tracks 1-5 and 7-11, and arrangements by Emon(Tes.) for tracks 5-6.
2."アンドロイドガール" (Android Girl)3:30
3."スクランブル交際" (Scramble)3:03
4."モスキート" (Mosquito)3:49
5."乙女解剖" (Otome Dissection)3:43
6."人質交換" (We The Hostages)3:06
7."シンセカイ案内所" (The Guide)4:17
8."サイコグラム" (Psychogram)3:44
9."夜行性ハイズ" (Nocturnal Kids)3:55
10."ヒバナ -Reloaded-" (HIBANA -Reloaded-)3:26
11."愛言葉Ⅲ" (Love Words III)4:06

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Exclusive contentsEdit

Specific stores provide something extra with a purchase of the Limited Edition copy of the album.

  • Amazon: Comes with a remix of ヒバナ by Kemu.
  • ANIMATE: Comes with a remix of ゴーストルール by Neru.
  • hmv: Comes with an original postcard illustrated by Hachisan.
  • Toranoana: Comes with an original B2 sized poster illustrated by Hachisan.
  • TSUTAYA: Comes with an original A4 clearfile illustrated by Roduki.
  • TOWER RECORDS: Comes with a button badge illustrated by akka.


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