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Image of "イナイイナイリブート (Inai Inai Reboot)"
Album title
  • "イナイイナイリブート"
  • Romaji: Inaiinai Ribuuto
  • English: Disappearance Reboot
Published April 28, 2018, for ¥2,500


"Inai Inai Reboot" is Kairiki Bear's third major album, containing a total of 18 tracks, including 3 tracks arranged by MARETU. Vocals featured are flower, Hatsune Miku, GUMI and Kagamine Rin.

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Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Kairiki Bear, with arrangements by MARETU for tracks 16-18.
1."-檻- (-Ori-)" (-Cage- (instrumental)) 1:24
2."イヤガール (Iya Girl)" (Hate-Girl)Hatsune Miku3:13
3."アルカリレットウセイ (Alkali Rettousei)" (Alkali Underachiever)Hatsune Miku3:27
4."失敗作少女 (Shippaisaku Shoujo)" (Failure Girl)Hatsune Miku3:20
5."ココロナンセンス (Kokoro Nonsense)" (Heart Nonsense)Hatsune Miku3:30
6."ヒトサマアレルギー (Hitosama Allergy)" (People Allergy)flower3:19
7."レミングミング (Lemming Ming)"flower3:15
8."イナイイナイ依存症 (Inaiinai Izonshou)" (Disappearance Addiction -gate of DELETE-)GUMI, Kagamine Rin3:06
9."アイソワライ (Aisowarai)" (Fake Smile)Hatsune Miku3:47
10."アンハッピーバースデイ (UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY)"Hatsune Miku3:08
11."バラバラココロ (Barabara Kokoro)" (Crumbled Heart)flower3:43
12."マグメル (Mag Mell)"flower2:59
13."ホンモノ証明書 (Honmono Shoumeishou)" (Authentic Certificate)Kagamine Rin3:09
14."マイナスレッテル (Minus Label)" (Minus Letter)flower3:21
15."-綻- (-Den-)" (-Failure- (instrumental)) 1:17
16."イナイイナイ依存症 (Inaiinai Izonshou)" (Arranged by MARETU)Hatsune Miku3:29
17."セイデンキニンゲン (Seidenki Ningen)" (Electrostatic Human (Arranged by MARETU))Hatsune Miku3:15
18."マネマネサイコトロピック (Mane Mane Psychotropic)" (Fake Fake Psychotropic (Arrange by MARETU))Hatsune Miku3:36
Total length:56:18

Promotional goodsEdit

Included with the album is 5 set of postcards, with the fifth being a random.

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  • Released during The Voc@loid M@ster 39.


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