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Song title
  • "キャットフード"
  • Romaji: Kyatto Fuudo
  • Official English: Cat Food
Published November 17, 2010, with 1,708,000+ Niconico views and 248,100+ YouTube views


I wanted to make a cat-like song at least once!
—doriko video description

"Cat Food" is told from the viewpoint of a girl who is in a relationship, saying that she is a "cat", and that she wants to be loved by her partner.


In July 2019, after BILIBILI MACRO LINK - VISUAL RELEASE 2019, the choreography for the song "The Death End" was accused of plagiarizing the concert dance for "Cat Food" by various users on the internet. Vsinger refuted this, arguing that this was false information and maliciously smearing the series', especially Luo Tianyi's, image. The motions and dance were created by a Japanese choreographer who claimed they have never seen the subject claimed to be ripping off of.[1] Shanghai HENIAN then released a legal document and stated that Shanghai Xin Wei Law Firm would be handling the matters.[2]


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
(Ah) 綺麗に今日もキメちゃって (Ah) kirei ni kyou mo kime chatte
だからね 濡らさないで dakara ne nurasanai de
見上げた 顔にかけないで miageta kao ni kakenai de
突然の夕暮れ rainy totsuzen no yuugure rainy

寒いわ 水は嫌いよ samui wa mizu wa kirai yo
拭って あなたの手で nugutte anata no te de
どうして 肝心な時に doushite kanjin na toki ni
居ない人なの inai hito nano

I need 愛情 あなたの傍 ひざの上 I need aijou anata no soba hiza no ue
I my me mine 私は まっしぐら I my me mine watashi wa masshigura

「あなた」って陽だまり目指し "anata" tte hidamari mezashi
そう私は気まぐれ lady sou watashi wa kimagure lady
なのにあなたは どこにも居やしないや nano ni anata wa doko ni mo iya shinai ya

涙ってこれは雨でしょ namidatte kore wa ame desho
寒空のモノクロ lonely samuzora no monokuro lonely
早く見つけて 「ごめんね」と傘を広げて hayaku mitsukete "gomen ne" to kasa o hirogete

晴れ後雨宿り今 花咲く一つ屋根の下で hare nochi amayadori ima hanasaku hitotsu yane no shite de
夢の中 lalalalalalala... yume no naka lalalalalalala...

(Ah) 折れてるあの子の耳 (Ah) oreteru ano ko no mimi
小言も聞こえないって kogoto mo kikoenaitte
お願い 今だけ貸して onegai ima dake kashite
叱らないで ぐだぐだ darling shikaranaide gudaguda darling

怒った顔は嫌いよ okotta kao wa kirai yo
笑った顔も嫌いよ waratta kao mo kirai yo
そもそも好みじゃないの somosomo konomi ja nai no
でも 愛して demo aishite

You need 友愛 そういう気持ちが大事 You need yuuai souiu kimochi ga daiji
You live for me 心にまっしぐら You live for me kokoro ni masshigura

素直って我侭のこと? sunaotte wagamama no koto?
ねぇ あなたに愛され lady nee anata ni aisare lady
だから許して 私は悪くないや dakara yurushite watashi wa warukunai ya

「媚びない」が私自身 "kobinai" ga watashi jishin
優しさと(せめ)ぎあい ID yasashisa to semegi ai ID
声に出せない 「ごめんね」を期待しないで koe ni dasenai "gomen ne" o kitai shinaide

心に「それ」があるなら 言葉で愛だの恋だのとか kokoro ni "sore" ga arunara kotoba de ai dano koi dano toka
言わずとも 分かるはずでしょ iwazu tomo wakaru hazu deshou

おいしいご飯があるなら 一緒に住んであげましょう oishii gohan ga aru nara issho ni sunde agemashou
笑えるテレビがあるなら 一緒に見てあげましょう waraeru terebi ga aru nara issho ni mite agemashou
あたたかい寝床があるなら 一緒に寝てあげましょう atatakai nedoko ga aru nara issho ni nete agemashou
それ以上何を望むの 聞いてあげましょう sore ijou nani wo nozomu no kiite agemashou

たまには甘えたいのよ tama niwa amaetai no yo
受け止めて 憧れ lady uketomete akogare lady
なのにあなたは 私を分かってないや nanoni anata wa watashi o wakatte nai ya

恋だっていつか冷めるわ koi datte itsuka sameru wa
さよならね 涙目 maybe sayonara ne namidame maybe
ドアを開ければそこに広がる「今日も雨」 doa wo akereba soko ni hirogaru "kyou mou ame"

止まない雨が降るなら このまま一つ屋根の下で yamanai ame ga furu nara kono mama hitotsu yane no shita de
いつまでも  lalalalalalala... itsumademo lalalalalalala...

I say nya-o あなたの傍で I say nya-o anata no soba de
I say nya-o あなたの腕で I say nya-o anata no ude de
I say nya-o あなたの名前さえ I say nya-o anata no namae sae
どうしてうまく言えないのかな... doushite umaku ienai no ka na...

Below is an unofficial English translation: via Project DIVA. Amendments may have been made to the original translation. —Featured in Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd, the writer is uncredited.

I did myself up special again today
So please don't get me wet
As I look up, don't drip on my face
This suddenly rainy evening

I'm cold; I hate water
I want you to dry me off
Why are you never here
When I need you?

I need love close to you; on your lap
I, my, me, mine; I'm all in

Heading for "you", my patch of sunlight
That's right, I'm a fickle lady
Yet you're nowhere to be found

Tears? No, this is just rain
Monochrome loneliness under a cold sky
Find me, spread your umbrella, and tell me you're sorry

The forecast calls for sunshine and shelter from the rain; under a roof of blooming flowers
Dreaming away, lalalalalalala...

Do me a favor and lend me
That cat's flappy ears
So I can't hear your fussing
Don't drone on scolding me, darling

I hate how you look when you're mad
I hate how you look when you smile, too
You're not really my type in the first place
But love me anyway

You need compassion; that's an important feeling
You live for me; your heart's all in

Does honesty always mean selfishness?
Hey, I'm your beloved lady
So forgive me: I'm not at fault

I'm the one who won't flatter you
Kindness conflicts with my identity
I can't bring myself to say it, so don't expect an "I'm sorry"

If you've still got "it" in your heart, I shouldn't have to spell it out for you
With words like "Love" and "Passion"

If you have delicious food, then I'll stay with you
If there's a funny show on TV, then I'll watch it with you
If your bed is warm, then I'll sleep beside you
What more do you want? I'll hear you out

I'm a lady who longs for you to accept
That I just want to be spoiled sometimes
Yet you don't understand me

Passions always cool off
Maybe this is a teary goodbye
Opening the door, it's "More rain today"

If it never stops, I want to be under the same roof
Forever, lalalalalalala...

I say meow-o by your side
I say meow-o in your arms
I say meow-o but
Why can't I say your name?


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