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Image of "クローバー♣クラブ (Clover♣Club)"
Song title
  • "クローバー♣クラブ"
  • English: Clover♣Club
Published January 2nd, 2008, with 866,300+ Niconico views


"Clover♣Club" is Yuuyu-P's fifth original Vocaloid work. Yuuyu-P states in the video description that the lyrics are meaningless by themselves and that there is no story, but the cocktail drink Clover Club is mentioned, as the title suggests.

This song has reached over 500,000 views. It is featured on the albums MIKUNOPOLIS in LOS ANGELES “はじめまして、初音ミクです”, 初音ミク‐Project DIVA‐2nd NONSTOP MIX COLLECTION, 四季彩の星, and 虹色の花. Remixes and arrangements have been included on additional albums.


Note: (※) means repeat "Let it, "clover club" the beautiful love" before going onto the next line.

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
Aha Aha
この世界が くるくる回る夢で kono sekai ga kuru kuru mawaru yume de
僕ら気付いてるんだ bokura kizui teru nda
みんな知らないフリで minna shira nai furi de

ずっと気になっていた zutto ki ni natte ita
あの子はそっと僕に ano ko wa sotto boku ni
ナイフを突きつけて笑い naifu o tsuki tsukete warai
「また明日ね」と残す "mata ashita ne" to nokosu

マワルマワルソラ mawaru mawaru sora

ウタウウタウハナ utau utau hana

メグルメグルキセツノナカデ meguru meguru kisetsu no naka de

Let it, Let it
クローバークラブ "kuroobaa kurabu"
the beautiful love. the beautiful love.

レモンジュースを注いで(※) remon juusu o sosoide(※)

卵白はよく混ぜてね(※) ranpaku wa yoku mazete ne(※)

グレナデンシロップ入れて(※) gurenaide shiroppu ire te(※)

ドライジンも忘れずに dorai jin mo wasurezu ni
一寸如何したのかな? chotto doushita no kana?
泣いてばかりいないで naite bakari inai de
笑顔になれば届くよ egao ni nareba todoku yo
きみの心にクローバー kimi no kokoro ni kuroobaa

ゆらり yurari
      ゆらり       yurari
               ゆれる                yureru

ハシルハシルカゼ hashiru hashiru kaze

ユレルユレルハート yureru yureru haato

アマイアマイユメ amai amai yume

ニガイニガイコイ nigai nigai koi

メグルメグルジダイノナカデ meguru meguru jidai no naka de

Let it, Let it
クローバークラブ "kuroobaa kurabu"
the beautiful love. the beautiful love.

溶けない氷を入れて(※) toke nai koori o ire te(※)

ストレーナー、トップして(※) sutoreenaa, toppu shite(※)

両手に想いを込めて(※) ryoute ni omoi o kome te(※)

準備が出来たらLet's shake ! junbi ga deki tara Let's shake !

Written by an unknown artist, this version of the lyrics was used in the english version of Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd'

The world spinning round and round in a dream
We know what's up
They pretend not to know

But wouldn't they like to find out
She snuck up on me
Held me at knifepoint and laughed
She said "See you tomorrow," and left

Spinning spinning sky

Singing Singing flower

In the revolving revolving seasons

Let it
"clover club"
the beautiful love

Pour in some lemon juice(※)

Stir those egg whites well(※)

Add the grenadine syrup(※)

And don't forget the dry gin
Hey, what's wrong?
No need to cry
Smile and it'll be there
A clover for your heart




Blowing blowing wind

Trembling trembling heart

Sweet sweet dream

Bitter bitter love

In revolving revolving times

Let it
"clover club"
the beatiful love

Add ice cubes that never melt(※)

Put the strainer on top(※)

With both hands—put your heart into it(※)

And when you're ready—Let's shake!


honey & clover club
Featuring Kagamine Rin
baker (rearrange), Nagimiso.SYS (video)
Category Arrangement, VOCALOID cover


This version has entered Hall of Fame. It is featured on the albums retimer and 虹色の花.
Clover♣Club cuter version
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Category VOCALOID cover
Megurine Luka's English Cover
Featuring Megurine Luka
Category VOCALOID cover


The same author's cuter version with Singable English lyrics.
Momoko Fujimoto and Momo Momone's cover
Featuring Momoko Fujimoto, Momone Momo
MomomomoP (UTAU cover), Momoko Fujimoto (human vocals)
Category Human cover, UTAU cover


A cover featuring Momo and her voice provider.
Nana's cover
Featuring Haruka Nana
Category UTAU cover
Teto's full version
Featuring Kasane Teto
Ricardo Shion
Category UTAU Cover
Featuring Hatsune Miku, Akita Neru
Category Fanmade PV

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