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Image of "ジャスティン⇒ジャイブ⇒ジャスティファイ (Justin ⇒ Jive ⇒ Justify)"
Song title
  • "ジャスティン⇒ジャイブ⇒ジャスティファイ"
  • Romaji: Jasutin⇒Jaibu⇒Jasutifai
  • Official English: Justin ⇒ Jive ⇒ Justify
Published January 10, 2018, with 244,900+ Niconico views and 35,300+ YouTube views


—Author's comment

"Justin ⇒ Jive ⇒ Justify" is an original song by nyanyannya featuring Camui Gackpo, with parts of the song sung by MEIKO.

This song is part of "nyanyannya's" Kadoh-Anna-Ruk-a Saga, a series of songs that tell the stories of the Arka (inhabitants of Kadoh-Anna-Ruk-A), and Fräulein=Biblioteca saga, a series of songs that tell stories of Fräulein Biblioteca's (MEIKO) life.

The song is about auditor Justin=J=Justify's believe that the law is not just and that the Fräulein's believe that everyone is equal under the law is wrong, despite the fact that she is a senior auditor, unlike Justin who is a junior auditor. He then goes on saying that he will justify every case he is given.

This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

Main articles: Lead Princess of the Color Stealing World Series and Kadoh-Anna-Ruk-a Saga


Singer + Color
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字) Official English (公式英訳)
「チキータ、規則(ルール)は正義じゃあない。みんな少しだけ言い訳したいのさ」 "chikiita, ruuru wa seigi jaa nai. minna sukoshi dake iiwake shitai no sa" “Chiquita, rules are not just. Everyone just wants to give little excuses.”


Pa-pa-la-pa Pa-pa-la-pa
Pa-pa-la-pa Pa-pa-la-pa

きょうび正義なんて振りかざすほど重くないようで kyoubi seigi nante furikazasu hodo omokunai you de Nowadays justice seems so unimportant that it’s never given
そう困ってる貴女に 粋で鯔背(いなせ)なジャスティン⇒ジャイブ sou komatteru anata ni iki de inasena jasutin jaibu When that troubles you, I give you the smart and dashing JUSTIN⇒JIVE!

簡単さ 叩いて CLAP! CLAP! kantan sa tataite CLAP! CLAP! It’s easy – clap! CLAP! CLAP!
冗談みたいに 弾んで POP! POP! joudan mitai ni hazunde POP! POP! Bounce like it’s a joke – POP! POP!
さぁダーリン ダーリン saa daarin daarin Now, darling, darling

有罪?驚きの『白』で冤罪だ さぁ? 〔さぁ!〕 yuuzai? odoroki no “shiro” de enzaida saa? (saa!) Guilty? So your paleness is surprise – A false accusation, right? (Right!)

真相なんてどうだっていい shinsou nante dou datte ii It doesn’t matter what the truth is

詐欺(ペテン)⇒利潤÷詐証=無実≫ ≪peten rijun waru sashou mujitsu ≫ ≪Fraud⇒Profit÷False evidence=Innocent≫

≪粗暴⇒誣謗(ふぼう)×詭謀(きぼう)=和解≫ ≪sobou fubou kibou wakai≫ ≪Violence⇒Slander×Trickery=Settled≫

≪汚職⇒証拠不十分≫ ≪oshoku shouko fujuubun≫ ≪Corruption⇒Insufficient evidence≫

あー I・KE・ZU! aa I KE ZU! Ah, it・won’t・do!

GO! GO! Justify
銃弾? 糾弾? 呷ってコール juudan? kyuudan? aotte kooru Bullets? Slander? Swallow it now
Gimme Gimme 吐いちまえよ Gimme Gimme haichimae yo Gimme Gimme Spit it out!
法は悪食さ大丈夫(Va Bene) ほら hou wa akujiki sa Va Bene hora The law is wrong, see? It’s okay!
Come on! Come on! Testify(証言を) Come on! Come on! Testify Come on! Come on! Testify
貴女の全てを正当化(ジャスティファイ) 〔JUSTICE!〕 anata no subete o jasutifai (JUSTICE!) I’ll justify your everything (JUSTICE!)

「PERFETTO! なかんずくよくジャスティンだ」 "PERFETTO! nakanzuku yoku jasutin da" “PERFETTO! Above all, a good Just in.”
「なかんずく?」 "nakanzuku?" “Above all?”
「世の中知らなくて良いことが多すぎる」 "yo no naka shiranakute ii koto ga oosugiru" “There’s too many things in this world you don’t have to know.”
「答えになってない」 "kotae ni nattenai" “That doesn’t answer my question.”
「さぁ笑って?」 "saa waratte?" “So smile?”

「人は法に平等か?」 "hito wa hou ni byoudou ka?" “Aren’t all people equal under the law?”
「若し君が説くならば」 "moshi kimi ga toku naraba" “If that’s what you want to think.”
「ではセカイに法は幾つある?」 "de wa sekai ni hou wa ikutsu aru?" “Then how many laws does the world have?”
「描く理想の数だけは」 "egaku risou no kazu dake wa" “Only as many as you have ideals.”
「吐き気催す二重規範(ダブルスタンダード) "hakike moyousu daburu sutandaado" “These double standards make me sick.”
「なんなら三重(トリプル)目指そうか」 "nannara toripuru mezasou ka" “If that’s so, should we aim for a triple?”

Sì? 斬新かい? No Sì? zanshinkai? No Sì? Original, right? No
踊る虚構たち(ダンシングライズ) danshinguraizu Dancing lies

もう大体規則(ルール)がこうだとか mou daitai ruuru ga kou da to ka The idea is if the rules are like this,
全体倫理がそうだとか zentai rinri ga sou da to ka And if morals are all like that,
都合なんざどうだっていい tsugou nan zadou datte ii Then the circumstances don’t matter

詐欺(ペテン)⇒利潤÷詐証=無実≫ ≪peten rijunwaru sashou mujitsu≫ ≪Fraud⇒Profit÷False evidence=Innocent≫

≪粗暴⇒誣謗(ふぼう)×詭謀(きぼう)=和解≫ ≪sobou fubou kibou wakai≫ ≪Violence⇒Slander×Trickery=Settled≫

≪汚職⇒証拠不十分≫ ≪oshoku shouko fujuubun≫ ≪Corruption⇒Insufficient evidence≫

さぁ O・I・DE! saa O I DE! Now, come・here!

GO! GO! Justify
法より順番 守って? こう hou yori junban mamotte? kou Follow order rather than rules? Like this
ダメダメ リゴリズムに乗って damedame rigorizumu ni notte It’s no good, no good! Under the rigorism
タブー刻めば大丈夫(Va Bene) ほら tabuu kizameba Va Bene hora It’s okay to shred up taboo, see?
Come on! Come on! Testify(証言を) Come on! Come on! Testify Come on! Come on! Testify
(あまね)く全てを正当化(ジャスティファイ)〔JUSTICE!〕 amaneku subete o jasutifai (JUSTICE!) I’ll justify anything and everything (JUSTICE!)

〔ジャスティン×ジャイブ=ジャスティス〕 (jasutin jaibu jasutisu) JUSTIN×JIVE=JUSTICE

ステップ イン ピッチ上々かい? suteppu in picchi joujoukai? Isn’t the step in pitch the best?
ほんのり本気見せようか honnori honki miseyou ka Shall I show you just a little truth?


愛があれば 規則があれば 許される ai ga areba kisoku ga areba yurusareru It’s fine if there is love or if there are rules
だから声も影もなくそっと真実に寄り添って眠れるなんて dakara koe mo kage mo naku sotto shinjitsu ni yorisotte nemureru nante So that you can softly sleep snuggled up to this reality with no voice or shadows

嘘さ uso sa Is a lie!

Go! so what? Justify
不安 不穏 不当 持って来い fuan fuon futou mottekoi Anxiety, restlessness, injustice, bring them here
がらんどう埋めた叡智で眠れぬ夜を照らせ garandou umeta eichi de nemurenu yoru o terase Light up the sleepless nights with wisdom to fill the void
Come on! Come on! Judgement(判決を) Come on! Come on! Judgement Come on! Come on! Judgement

貴女が全てを—— anata ga subete o—— Everything you——

さぁ裁いて 正義ブン回せ審問官(オーディター) saa sabaite seigi bun mawase ooditaa Now, judge – an auditor who twists justice around
それを鳥渡(ちょっと)お手伝いするのが粋で鯔背(いなせ) sore o chotto otetsudai suru no ga iki de inasena What helps a little with that is the smart and dashing
ジャスティン⇒ジャイブ⇒ジャスティファイ 〔JUSTICE!〕 jasutin jaibu jasutifai (JUSTICE!) JUSTIN⇒ JIVE⇒ JUSTIFY (JUSTICE!)

「Grazie! Grazie di cuore! わかってもらえたかな? わからない? どうでもいい A buon intenditor poche parole.一つだけ言えるのは決めるのは誰かじゃない。いつだって——」 "Grazie! Grazie di cuore! wakatte moraeta kana? wakaranai? dou demo ii A buon intenditor poche parole. hitotsu dake ieru no wa kimeru no wa dareka ja nai. itsu datte——" “Grazie! Grazie di cuore! Do you understand now? You don’t understand? It doesn’t matter – A buon intenditor poche parole. The one thing I can say is that nobody can decide for you. Any time—“


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