Image of "トラボティック・シンフォニー (Torabotic Symphony)"
Album title
  • "トラボティック・シンフォニー"
  • Romaji: Torabotikku Shinfonii
  • English: Torabotic Symphony
Published June 5, 2013, for ¥2,000

Background[edit | edit source]

トラボティック・シンフォニー (Torabotic Symphony) is Toraboruta-P's major album, released by EXIT TUNES. It contains nineteen tracks, with some of his most notable songs, such as Kokoro and Toeto are featured.

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Track listing[edit | edit source]

All tracks written by Toraboruta-P.

1."endless symphony"Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len, Megurine Luka3:45
2."ココロ (Kokoro)" (Heart)Kagamine Rin4:50
3."トエト (Toeto)"Megurine Luka3:38
5."ピンクスパイダー (Pink Spider)"Kagamine Rin3:42
6."ソラトバズ (Soratobazu)" (I Can't Fly)Kagamine Rin4:08
7."伝説の魔女 (Densetsu no Majo)" (The Legendary Witch)Kagamine Rin3:32
8."ソレイユ -Soleil-"Kagamine Rin3:50
9."追憶ノ翼 (Tsuioku no Tsubasa)" (Recollective Wings)Hatsune Miku3:53
10."ルナ ~海の妖精~ (Luna ~Umi no Yousei~)" (Luna ~Fairy of the Sea~)Hatsune Miku5:31
11."頑張ろうよ (Ganbarou yo)" (Let's Do Our Best)Kagamine Len4:44
12."よつばのクローバー (Yotsuba no Clover)" (Four-Leafed Clover)Kagamine Rin4:45
13."ウェンディーと魔法の森 (Wendy to Mahou no Mori)" (Wendy and the Magical Forest)Kagamine Rin and Len5:49
14."おてんば姫の歌♪ (Otenba Hime no Uta ♪)" (Tomboy Princess' Song ♪)Kagamine Rin3:16
15."MY WINDING ROAD"Kagamine Rin4:17
16."少年銀河 (Shounen Ginga)" (Galaxy Boy)Kagamine Rin and Len4:18
17."二人なら (Futari Nara)" (If I Was a Person)Kagamine Len4:40
18."オメデトウ (Omedetou)" (Congratulations)Kagamine Rin4:23
19."see you"Kagamine Rin1:39
Total length:1:19:21

Promotion / Special Offers[edit | edit source]

  • One strap picked at random.
  • One clear file, questionnaire only.
  • One B2-sized poster, store only.
  • Store specific bonuses.

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