Image of "トリノコシティ (Torinoko City)"
Song title
  • "トリノコシティ"
  • Romaji: Torinoko Shiti
  • English: Left-Behind City
  • Official English: Urbandonment
Published July 29, 2010, with 2,982,000+ Niconico views and 3,102,000+ YouTube views
  • 40meterP (music, lyrics, illustration, video)


The song of someone who really gets lonely easily.

The song is about a girl all alone in a "left-behind city".

This song is featured in 40meterP's albums Kotaeawase, Chiisana Jibun to Oukina Sekai and Shounen to Mahou no Robot VOCALOID BEST,NEW RECORDINGS. It can also be found in the compilation albums Vocalonexus, The Vocaloid Jazz sessions Vol.3 (instrumental jazz arrange), Hatsune MIku 5th Anniversary Best ~impacts~ and -Project DIVA- f Complete Collection.

This song entered the Hall of Legend on March 9, 2012 (after 589 days), and is the first one of his works to do so.

The title overall is wordplay on the word "取り残して" (torinokoshite), "leave behind".

It was revealed that a light novel adaptation would be released on June 26th, 2015, written by Shano with illustrations by 456.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Featuring Hatsune Miku
40meterP (music, lyrics), 456 (video), ZimuinG (piano), [TEST] (guitar), mao (bass), Shobon (drums, percussion), MIZ (1st violin), MariNa (2nd violin), Akaringo (viola), Mayumi (cello), Sayama Kouta (sound director), 三浦瑞生 (recording, mix engineer)
Category Arrangement; Self-cover


A 2013 remake of Torinoko City.
Making of the Remake


A video showing the creation of the remake.
VY1's Arrange Cover
Featuring VY1
Toraboruta-P (cover, arrange), Makino Sena (video)
Category Remix


An arranged version for the light novel release.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字) Official English (公式英訳)
0と1が交差する地点 Zero to ichi ga kousa suru chiten The point 0 and 1 crossing over
間違いだらけの コミュニケーション Machigai darake no komyunikeeshon The communication with full of mistakes
アナタの名前は 何ですか? Anata no namae wa nan desu ka? What is your name?
10文字以内で 答エヨ Juumoji inai de kotae yo Answer it within 10 characters

過去と未来が 交差する地点 Kako to mirai ga kousa suru chiten The point where the past and the future crossing over
行く宛を失った 現在地 Iku ate o ushi natta genzaichi The current place losing the direction
アナタはどうして 生きているの? Anata wa doushite ikite iru no? How come you are living?
100文字以内で 答エヨ Hyakumoji inai de kotae yo Answer it within a hundred characters

過去最高速の 夜が明ける Kako saikousoku no yoru ga akeru The night is bright soonest ever
バランス取ることも できないまま Baransu toru koto mo dekinai mama remained unable to take a balance

自分だけどこか 取り残された Jibun dake doko ka torinoko sareta I was left behind alone somewhere
音の無い世界 造られた世界 Oto no nai sekai tsukurareta sekai The world without sound, the fabricated world
傷んだ果実を 捨てるだけなら Itanda kajitsu o suteru dake nara If it's just throwing a rotten fruit away,
2人もいらない 1人で出来るから Futari mo iranai hitori de dekiru kara I don't need you, I can do it alone

昼と夜が 交差する地点 Hiru to yoru ga kousa suru chiten The point day and night crossing over
誰かに会いたくて 会えなくて Dare ka ni aitakute aenakute Wanted to meet someone, but couldn't
ワタシの名前は 何ですか? Watashi no namae wa nan desu ka? What is my name?
10文字以内で 教えて Juumoji inai de oshiete Tell me within 10 characters

嘘と本当が 交差する地点 Uso to hontou ga kousa suru chiten The point lies and truths crossing over
呼吸が止まりそうな 閉塞感 Kokyuu ga tomarisou na heisokukan The closed place strangling my breath
ワタシはどうして 生きているの? Watashi wa doushite ikite iru no? How come I am living?
100文字以内で 教えて Hyakumoji inai de oshiete Tell me within a hundred characters

好き 嫌い 好き 嫌い の繰り返しで Suki kirai suki kirai no kurikaeshi de I like you I hate you I like you I hate you,
疲れきった愛は もういらない Tsukare kitta ai wa mou iranai The sicken of love repeating it, I don't need it anymore

時間だけいつも 通り過ぎていく Jikan dake itsumo toori sugite iku The time has been passing by always
1秒ごとに 崩れていく世界 Ichibyou goto ni kuzurete iku sekai The world collapsing every seconds
歪んだ景色に 塗りつぶされた Yuganda keshiki ni nuritsubu sareta Concealed over by distorted scenery
真実(こたえ)はいらない 偽りでいいの Kotae wa iranai itsuwari de ii no I don't need the answer, but a lie is enough

自分だけどこか 取り残された Jibun dake doko ka torinoko sareta I'm the only one who left behind
色のない世界 夢に見た世界 Iro no nai sekai yume ni mita sekai The world without color, The world I saw in my dream
傷んだ果実を 捨てることすら Itanda kajitsu o suteru koto sura Even just throwing a rotten fruit away,
1人じゃ出来ない 傍にいてほしくて Hitori ja dekinai soba ni ite hoshikute I can't do it alone I need you by my side


Yukari's Cover
Featuring Yuzuki Yukari
Category VOCALOID cover


Yukari's realistic cover of the song.
Kagamine Rin's Cover
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Shiroi Crayon
Category VOCALOID cover


Kagamine Rin's cover of the song.
IA's Cover
Featuring IA
Category VOCALOID cover


IA's cover of the song.
Rion's Cover
Featuring Tone Rion
MattplusBC (cover), Ricardop19951 (VSQx)
Category VOCALOID cover
Baak Yatchou's Cantonese Cover
Featuring Baak Yatchou
Syo (lyrics), 34CYGNI (lyrics, tuning, illust, movie)
Category UTAU cover

ENE's Cover
Featuring ENE
Category Human cover
Nico Nico Chorus
Featuring Nico Nico Chorus
Category Chorus


A Nico Nico Chorus version of the song.

Piano's Arrange
Category Instrumental; Arrangement


A Piano Cover of the song.
Piko's Arrangement Cover
Featuring Utatane Piko
Guitar Hero Piano Zero (cover, arrangement), AliceSkylark (illust)
Category VOCALOID cover; Remix
164's Rock Arrange
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Category Arrange; VOCALOID cover


164's rock arrange of the song which is featured in the compilation album VOCAROCK collection 4 feat. 初音ミク.
Dixie Flatline's Jazz Arrange
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Dixie Flatline (arrange), Suou (illust), Sidu (movie)
Category Arrange; VOCALOID cover

√Effect's PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
√Effect (animation), Yamako (illust)
Category Fanmade PV


A popular PV in the style of the original upload's illustration.
Tama's PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Category Fanmade PV


A popular PV made by Tama.

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This song was featured in the following concerts:

Summer Sonic Festival 2013Edit

Hatsune Miku performed as the opening act during the "Summer Sonic Festival 2013" event in Tokyo, Japan. Miku performed Tell Your World, Nisoku Hokou, Yellow, "Torinoko City", Himitsu Keisatsu, Hatsune Miku no Gekishou, and Melt.

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