Image of "ナユタン星からの物体Z (Nayutansei kara no Buttai Z)"
Album title
  • "ナユタン星からの物体Z"
  • Romaji: Nayutansei kara no Buttai Z
  • English: Object Z from Star Nayutan
Published August 29, 2018, for ¥2,222 (Regular Edition) and ¥2,593 (Special Edition)


"Nayutansei kara no Buttai Z" is the third independent album released by NayutalieN. Tracks 11-14 are bonus tracks; The Special Edition version includes second disc which contains four extra tracks.

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Track listingEdit

Disc 1Edit

All tracks written by NayutalieN.
1."ユーフォーユーフォー (UFO UFO)"Hatsune Miku3:18
2."星の王子サマ (Hoshi no Ouji-sama)" (Star Prince)Hatsune Miku3:14
3."明星ギャラクティカ (Myoujou Galactica)" (Morning Star Galactica)Hatsune Miku3:00
4."彗星ハネムーン (Suisei Honeymoon)" (Comet Honeymoon)Hatsune Miku3:30
5."エンドレス空中戦 (Endless Kuuchuusen)" (Endless Airfight)Hatsune Miku3:04
6."サークレット (Circlet)"Hatsune Miku3:35
7."金星のダンス (Kinsei no Dance)" (Dance of Venus)Hatsune Miku3:29
8."パラレリズム恋心 (Parallelism Koigokoro)" (Parallelism Love)Hatsune Miku3:38
9."ルミナ (Lumina)"Hatsune Miku3:00
10."ハイカラーガールスーパーノヴァ (High Color Girl Supernova)"Hatsune Miku3:19
11."恋スル侵略計画 (Koisuru Shinryaku Keikaku)" (Love Invasion Plan)Hatsune Miku3:15
12."リバースユニバース (Reverse Universe)"Hatsune Miku3:09
13."ドリームドリーム夢ドリーム (Dream Dream Yume Dream)" (Dream Dream Dream Dream)Hatsune Miku3:26
14."光線チューニング (Kousen Tuning)" (Ray Tuning)0002:25
Total length:45:12

Disc 2Edit

All tracks written by NayutalieN.
1."ピーポーマイフレンド (People My Friend)"Hatsune Miku3:03
2."突発☆ギャラクティック恋 (Toppatsu☆Galactic Koi)" (Unexpected☆Galactic Love)Hatsune Miku3:09
3."藍と極星 (Ai to Kyokusei)" (Indigo and Polar Star)Hatsune Miku3:09
Total length:12:26

Promotional goodsEdit

Exclusive goodsEdit

Each store provides something extra with a purchase of the album.

  • Amazon: A special remix CD featuring Pinocchio-P's remix of "Dance Robot Dance" and NayutalieN's remix of "Hajimemashite Chikyuujin-san".
  • Animate: A special utaite CD with Eve singing "Hoshi no Ouji-sama" and Sou singing "Reverse Universe", as well as a pin badge.
  • Gamers: A pin badge and and specially made pin badge featuring characters from NayutalieN's songs.
  • TOWER RECORDS: A special remix CD featuring Yunomi's remix of "Perfect Seimei" and NayutalieN's remix of "Mentai Cosmic".
  • Toranoana: An A5 clearfile.
  • TSUTAYA: A special bon dance CD featuring a folk version of "Andromeda Andromeda"
  • Village/Vanguard: A special mashup CD of "Alien Alien" and "Andromeda Andromeda", as well as a pin badge.


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