Nemesis no Juukou album.jpeg
"ネメシスの銃口 (Nemesis no Juukou) (album)"
Album title
  • "ネメシスの銃口"
  • Romaji: Nemesis no Juukou
  • English: The Muzzle of Nemesis
Published August 17, 2014, for ¥1,493


"Nemesis no Juukou" is mothy's eleventh VOCALOID album. It consists of ten songs. This album was distributed at Comic Market 86.

Preceding and succeeding albums


1."master of the hellish yard"GUMI4:25
2."ネメシスの銃口 (Nemesis no Juukou)" (The Muzzle of Nemesis)GUMI5:05
3."最後のリボルバー [Nemesis Version] (Saigo no Revolver)" (The Last Revolver)GUMI3:55
4."そして少女は狂いだした ―終末月夜抄― (Soshite Shoujo wa Kurui Dashita -Shuumatsu Tsukiyo Shou-)" (And Then the Girl Went Mad -End of a Moonlit Night-)GUMI5:50
5."魔道師二人旅~長壁と番人~ (Madoushi Futari Tabi ~Chouheki to Bannin~)" (The Journey of Two Mages ~Great Wall and Watchman~)GUMI5:05
6."またたき (Matataki)" (Blink)Kagamine Rin1:51
7."針音ノ時計塔 (Shin'on no Tokeitou)" (Handbeat Clocktower)KAITO, Kaai Yuki5:41
8."プラトーの花 (Plateau no Hana)" (The Flower of the Plateau)Hatsune Miku3:48
9."チミドロスイッチ (Chimidoro Switch)" (Blood-stained Switch)MAYU3:47
10."僕らを見ていた (Bokura o Miteita)" (Watching Us)Megurine Luka4:31
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