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A flower mustn't be unsightly
—Author's comment

A sequel to The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, detailing the suposed life of one of his harem members, Mikulia Greeonio.

In Calgaround, Elphegort, lives the young florist Mikulia, also called "Flower of the Plateau" who is well known for her kindness and beauty, however, not one person knows of her previous job, she was a prostitute. One day, she meets Earl Gilbert Calgaround and he falls in love with her so they decide to become engaged much to the happiness of the people. However a few days before the engagement ceremony, Mikulia's old procurer comes back and threatens to tell her about her past. She kills him and disposes of his body in a well.

Three years later, Mikulia's son to Venomania shows up, hoping to gain the affections of his mother. Mikulia fears that he'll expose her past or jeopardize her marriage being her bastard and kills him, disposing of his corpse in the same well as the procurer. She then rejoices over finally having found happiness.

However, there is one last person who knows of her past, the narrator, a curious little green bird.

This song was first released in FARM RECORDS' VOCALO APPEND. It is also featured in Akuno-P's The Muzzle of Nemesis album.

Though nothing too explicit happens in the PV, mothy decided to label it R18+ just to be safe.

This song has entered Hall of Fame.

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