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Image of "ベノマ (Venomer)"
Album title
  • "ベノマ"
  • Romaji: Benoma
  • Official English: Venomer
Published January 15, 2020, for ¥2,091 (CD), ¥2,545 (Limited Edition)


"Venomer: Kairiki Bear ENCORE Album" is a compilation album based on the works of Kairiki Bear. The album features 15 tracks, 10 of which include remixes done by guest artists, 2 instrumental tracks, and one completely new composition by Kairiki Bear (x).

Track Listing[]

All lyrics written by Kairiki Bear, with English lyrics by Mes for track 14.

1."VILLAIN -TYPE A-" (Inst.)Kairiki BearN/A1:26
2."ベノム (Venom)" (MARETU Remix)MARETUHatsune Miku3:20
3."レミングミング (Lemming Ming)" (kemu Remix)kemuflower3:09
4."ココロナンセンス (Kokoro Nonsense)" (Pinocchio-P Remix)Pinocchio-PHatsune Miku3:50
5."ヒトサマアレルギー (Hitosama Allergy)" (Harumaki Gohan Remix)Harumaki GohanHatsune Miku4:02
6."イヤガール (Iya Girl)" (Paseri Onuma Remix)Paseri OnumaHatsune Miku3:23
7."失敗作少女 (Shippaisaku Shoujo)" (Inaba Cumori Remix)Inaba Cumori-PKaai Yuki3:03
8."イナイイナイ依存症 (Inaiinai Izonshou)" (Tsumiki Remix)TsumikiGUMI, Kagamine Rin3:28
9."アンヘル (Ángel)" (Niru Kajitsu Remix)Niru Kajitsuflower4:03
10."アルカリレットウセイ (Alkali Rettousei)" (Marasy Remix)MarasyHatsune Miku3:29
11."x"Kairiki BearHatsune Miku3:30
12."シアワセトリッパー (Shiawase Tripper)" (Happy Tripper)Kairiki BearHatsune Miku3:03
13."ユメウツツ空想論 (Yumeutstsu Kuusouron)" (Half-Asleep and Half-Awake Fantasy)Kairiki BearHatsune Miku3:49
14."セイデンキニンゲン (Seidenki Ningen)" (Crusher Remix)CrusherHatsune Miku3:14
15."VILLAIN -TYPE X-" (Inst.)Kairiki BearN/A0:54
Total length:47:43

Promotional goods[]

Included with the album is one random acrylic key chain out of ten featuring the main character from one the first ten tracks of the album illustrated by Nou.

Exclusive goods[]

The limited edition version of the album includes a 28-page booklet.

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