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Image of "ミスルトウ~魂の宿り木~ (Mistletoe ~Tamashii no Yadorigi~)"
Song title
  • "ミスルトウ~魂の宿り木~"
  • Romaji: Mistletoe ~Tamashii no Yadorigi~
  • English: Mistletoe ~Soul's Mistletoe~
  • Official English: Mistletoe ~Prologue~ (Yamashizuku's Page) / Mistletoe ~Where the soul lies down~ (Ahirutama's approved translation)
Published July 10, 2015, with 48,000+ Niconico views and 430,000+ YouTube views


Mistletoe, from ancient times
The birds of the Gods, which were born from human wishes

In paradise where they live
Gods and human used to build a beautiful coexistence

As time goes by, not all of human wishes are beautiful
They began to wish something not beautiful

At one time, behind their own happiness, someone had wished for unfortunate people to exist And then, a bird was born
The bird of sorrow that keeps singing solitary moonless night behind another bird that lets people know a happy morning to come
The prologue and first song of the Mistletoe series, this song has reached more than a hundred thousand views in YouTube. Even though the official broadcast of the song has ended on Niconico, the YouTube broadcast is still ongoing.

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Singer + Color
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
遠い空の果てから tooi sora no hate kara
祈る声を救い上げて inoru koe o sukui agete
そよぐ風の音に乗せて soyogu kaze no ne ni nosete
青き鳥は 幸せを運ぶ aoki tori wa shiawase o hakobu

燃え盛る夕日より朱き、 moesakaru yuuhi yori akaki,
破壊の炎 解き放って hakai no honou tokihanatte
再生の歯車を廻す saisei no haguruma o mawasu
朱き鳥は 流転の輪を統べる akaki tori wa ruten no wa o suberu

刻まれた魂の記憶は kizamareta tamashii no kioku wa
争い続く運命 arasoi tsuzuku sadame
伸ばしたこの手は 払われて nobashita kono te wa harawarete
言葉は 届かず kotoba wa todokazu
翼をもがれて、堕ちていく tsubasa o mogarete, ochite iku

さえずりに木霊して 静かに溶け出す色 saezuri ni kodama shite shizuka ni toke dasu iro
惹かれ合う魂よ hikare au tamashii yo
憎み合った 朱と青は nikumi atta aka to ao wa
邂逅の果てに 交わらず kaikou no hate ni majiwara zu
触れた心が鳴き出す fureta kokoro ga naki dasu

奪い合う運命なら ubaiau sadame nara
心ごと殺して kokoro goto koroshite
止まぬ涙の雨を降らそう yamanu namida no ame o furasou
いつか、夢見た宿り木が itsuka, yumemita yadorigi ga
芽吹く日まで…… mebuku hi made...

From far above the sky
Finding out the voices of prayer
With the sound of breeze
The blue bird brings happiness

Release the flame of destruction which redder than the burning sunset
It leads them to the wheel of rebirth
The vermilion bird rules the reincarnation

The memory that had been engraved on our souls
The battle wages on like it was meant to be
I reached out my hand
But it was shaken off
The words I said weren’t reached
These wings were torn off
And we fall down

As the birds sing
It echoes and two souls are attracted to each other
The color seeps out quietly
After an encounter
Vermilion and blue who hate each other didn’t come together in the end
Those two hearts which they have touched start to sing

If we are meant to fight over
Let our hearts come undone and let it rain
Rain as tears that will keep falling on and on
Until the day the mistletoe that we’ve dreamt of finally buds...…


Toriko's Cover
Niconico logo
Toriko (vocals)
Categories Human Cover

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