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Image of "メカクシティリロード (Mekakucity Reload)"
Album title
  • "メカクシティリロード"
  • Romaji: Mekakushiti Riroodo
  • English: Blindfold City Reload
  • Official English: Mekakucity Reload
Published November 7, 2018, for ¥1,903
  • Jin (music, lyrics)
  • Sidu (illust)


"Mekakucity Reload" is the third album of the Kagerou Project, made by Jin. It includes 9 tracks. The entire album is sung by Hatsune Miku. It has three different versions: a regular version, Limited Version A that comes with a special manga chapter, and Limited Version B that comes with an extra disc with four acoustic versions performed by Jin. The album originally had 14 songs, but was split into another album.

"Mekakucity Reload" is also the name of the upcoming Kagerou Project anime.

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Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Jin.
1."エバーユースロードショー (Ever Youth Roadshow)" (Instrumental)0:30
2."イマジナリーリロード (Imaginary Reload)"4:01
3."失想ワアド (Shissou Word)"4:53
4."マイファニーウィーケエンド (My Funny Weekend)"4:28
5."アディショナルメモリー (Additional Memory)"4:00
6."ロストデイアワー (Lost Day Hour)"4:10
7."リマインドブルー (Remind Blue)"4:57
8."忘れてしまった夏の終わりに (Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni)"3:30
9."グッバイサマーウォーズ (Good Bye Summer Wars)" (Instrumental)0:43
Total length:31:12

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