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Image of "メリークリスマス、マイヒーロー。 (Merry Christmas, My Hero.)"
Song title
  • "メリークリスマス、マイヒーロー。"
  • Romaji: Merii Kurisumasu, Mai Hiiroo.
  • English: Merry Christmas, My Hero.
Published December 23, 2014, with 15,900+ Niconico views
  • Live-P
  • ann (illustration)
  • Rocca (encoding)

Background Edit

"Merry Christmas, My Hero" is featured in the album THE YELLOW DISC.

It was also used as a demo for the update of Kagamine Rin V4X "Sweet".

Succeeding versions Edit

Kagamine Rin V4X version
Featuring Kagamine Rin V4X Sweet
Live-P, iXima (illust)
Category Demo song


A demo using the updated "Sweet" voicebank of Rin.

Lyrics Edit

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
ねー、今もし目が覚めても、寝たフリしててね? nee, ima moshi megasamete mo, neta furi shitete ne?
魔法が解けたら、いつもの2人に戻るの。 mahou ga toketara, itsumo no futari ni modoru no.

だから、もう少しだけ、ねー、このままで、 dakara, mou sukoshi dake, nee, kono mama de,
あなたを見つめさせて? anata wo mitsume sasete?

Merry Christmas, my Hero.
Merry Christmas...
どうかこの先の幸せだけ見てて。 douka konosaki no shiawase dake mitete.
私なら、大丈夫。 watashinara, daijoubu.
マイヒーロー mai hiiroo


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