"ワン☆オケ!vol.02" (Wan☆Oke! vol.02) is Wonderful☆Opportunity's second only-karaoke album; with the previous being vol.01. It is an album consisting of 9 off vocal original Vocaloid works, with no vocals included. It consist some notable works including "Remote Controller", "E.C.H.O.", and "KAGA PIYO".

It's available for purchase in TAP shop, iTunes Store. Unlike it's prequel, WanOke vol.02 was available for international shipping in Alice Books, however is sold out.

WANOKE vol 02
Released March 25th 2012
Producer Wonderful☆Opportunity
Price 500 yen
Illust. -
Track list
1. Black Rebel-off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
2. かがPIYO!-off vocal-
- (Jesus-P)
3. マイレイン-off vocal-
- (Jesus-P)
4. molecular[underfloor-0]-off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
5. foa[underfloor-24]-off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
6. リモコン-off vocal-
- (Jesus-P)
7. カラバリガール-off vocal-
- (Jesus-P)
8. E.C.H.O-off vocal-
- (Jesus-P)
9. 修羅ノ庭ver.LEN-Garden of berserker--off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
WANOKE vol 01
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