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A vulgar song by Deadball-P uploaded on the 7th of December at 19:19 about masturbating on Christmas.

Christmas in Japan is quite different from in Western countries. Only one percent of the Japanese population is Christian, so most Japanese people don't see religious meanings of the event. It is rather recognized as a romantic time for lovers to be more intimate each other with the influence of recent TV commercials, soap dramas and J-pop songs. The title Christmas Alone suggests the boy doesn't have a girlfriend to spend this romantic time with.

The lyrics are constrained, written using a set of characters that represent units; for example, ㍆, ㌋, and ㌉ represent Mark (a former German currency unit), nautical mile and ounce. The lower halves of each character make up the lyrics.

The upload date contains hidden meanings; December 7 signifies 0721(o-na-ni-i) "masturbation" and 19(i-ku) represents "cumming".


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  • The official English title and full upload date carry certain meanings in Japanese.

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