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Image of "中华少女Project (Zhōnghuá Shàonǚ Project)"
Album title
  • "中华少女Project"
  • Traditional Chinese: 中華少女Project
  • Pinyin: Zhōnghuá Shàonǚ Project
  • English: Chinese Girls Project
Published August 15, 2016, for 50.00 - 70.00 RMB for Physical
  • Jiu Ling-P (compose)
  • Yukinsnow (compose, arrange, tuning, mixing)
  • Zhuren (compose, lyrics)
  • Toufu-P (arrange, tuning)
  • Wei Cai zhi Yi, Guozhi Liangcai, Yujiang (lyrics)
  • Digger, Hua er bu ku (tuning)
  • Irecorder (mixing, mastering, voice processor)
  • Gold Rum, Ryusa (mixing)
  • O Tianqi Qinglang O (instrumentalist, flute)
  • litterzy (guitar)
  • Si Gu Jun (percussion)
  • Ningmeng CC Lu, A Cha (erhu)
  • Tao Te (guzheng)
  • Yuanban Mai Ya (pipa, sanweixian)
  • SHIZUKU (album art)


"Zhōnghuá Shàonǚ Project" is a doujinshi album by Yukinsnow and is distributed by Quadimension. It contains thirteen tracks sung by Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, Xingchen, and Xin Hua. Eight of the tracks are part of the Chinese Girl Project song series.

Track listingEdit

1."中华少女主题旋律 (Zhōnghuá Shàonǚ Zhǔtí Xuánlǜ)" (Chinese Girls Theme Song - Instrumental) Jiu Ling-P, Yukinsnow 2:24
2."中华铄金娘 (Zhōnghuá Shuòjīn Niáng)" (Chinese Molten Metal Girl)Wei Cai zhi YiYukinsnowLuo Tianyi5:10
3."中华缘木娘 (Zhōnghuá Yuánmù Niáng)" (Chinese Yuanmu Girl)Wei Cai Zhi YiYukinsnowLuo Tianyi4:21
4."中华墨水娘 (Zhōnghuá Mòshuǐ Niáng)" (Chinese Ink Girl)Wei Cai Zhi YiYukinsnowLuo Tianyi3:31
5."中华烛火娘 (Zhōnghuá Zhú Huǒ Niáng)" (Chinese Candle Flame Girl)Wei Cai Zhi YiYukinsnowLuo Tianyi3:47
6."中华粘土娘 (Zhōnghuá Niántǔ Niáng)" (Chinese Clay Girl)Wei Cai Zhi YiYukinsnowLuo Tianyi4:25
7."中华墨水娘‧改 (Zhōnghuá Mòshuǐ Niáng‧Gǎi)" (Chinese Ink Girl‧Remix)Wei Cai Zhi YiYukinsnow, Toufu-PLuo Tianyi4:02
8."白石溪 (Báishí Xī)" (White Stone Creek)Guozhi LiangcaiYukinsnowLuo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling5:34
9."海棠仙 (Hǎitáng Xiān)"Wei Cai Zhi YiYukinsnowXingchen3:16
10."人造情感 (Rénzào Qínggǎn)" (Artificial Emotions)YukinsnowYukinsnowXin Hua4:29
11."中华纯白娘 (Zhōnghuá Chúnbái Niang)" (Chinese Pure Snow Girl)YujiangYukinsnowXingchen4:31
12."夏之歌 (Xià zhī Gē)" (Song of Summer)ZhurenZhurenLuo Tianyi4:17
13."唱给雅音宮羽Ⅱ (Chàng gěi Yāyīn Gōngyǔ Ⅱ)" (Singing for Yayin Gongyu Ⅱ)Wei Cai Zhi YiYukinsnowLuo Tianyi5:15
Total length:55:02

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