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From "I'd rather be separated from in death, than have a separation while we still live" to "We'll face forward, come what may". I wanted to convey something to that theme to all of you.
Neither a show of self-pity nor bright optimism, what it is, is only the unknown reality devoid of colour.
But in the nothingness of that reality, there still lies the possibility of adding colour, the possibility of starting over.
"All that I've described might not be reality, but all that I feel is all real."
There's nothing fake about it.
—Lyricist's note

"Ling Luo, what do you think are the saddest things in the world?"

"Butterflies. An ugly caterpillar, with much difficulty is able to enter its own dreamworld to forget its own weakness, to forget its status as a pest, only to then grow beautiful wings and is awakened by the bright light, and is forced to become aware of its reality of having still lived, before having to tear their cavern apart. The more painful, the more their wings are filled with blood, the more beautiful they become. They then once again hurt for the sake of beauty, for the law of "I have to live now that I'm awake". They can fly, but they are only entitled to an ignoble existence among the common flowers, to look up at the eagles soaring across the skies, never to be reached. And as death suddenly arrives, they are stripped of even this small moment of utter ecstasy. Unable to even be graced with a last heroic plunge, they can only gently float to the ground..."

"Now that I hear you say this, butterflies really are pretty sad..."

In the chaos, the surrounding figures give out a long sigh.

"Well then... how about forming a band, so we can surpass our idol?" That person smiles radiantly, something red and bright swinging on her clothes, "and then, we'll fall like an asteroid, and flood the entire world to death!"

To live. To live for death – In the simultaneous moment of the destruction of the old rules, the world will be reset due to our resistance, to welcome a rebirth.

"Jiǔchóng Xiànshí" is an original song by DELA and Yu Li mainly featuring Luo Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling with YANHE singing in harmony during the later verses. It is the ninth main song in the Paranoia Series, and serves as the song's true epilogue.

The song begins from the viewpoint of Ling Yu (played by Yuezheng Ling), who is revealed to be alive after the events recounted in the prequel songs "Líng Chóng Qǐ Yuàn" and "Líng Chóng Qíyuàn". Unable to play guitar after her mother suffered a breakdown and raised a cleaver to her hand, Ling Yu had silently withdrawn from the musical competition she was supposed to be entering with Ling Luo (played by Luo Tianyi), leaving without saying goodbye. Not knowing the true circumstances, Ling Luo believed Ling Yu to have betrayed her. Struck with anger and grief, Ling Luo eventually became afflicted with crippling doubts at her own self-worth. Several days later, as Ling Luo was sending flowers to the idol Yan Yu (played by YANHE), she would inadvertently receive the news that Yan Yu was planning to go on hiatus. Overcome with shock, Ling Luo proceeded to faint on the spot, falling into a coma where she was to experience the frightful events in the Paranoia series.

Lola: The new year will be a great push of momentum, but you’re telling me you want to go on hiatus now?
Yan Yu: Whatever you say isn’t going to change my mind, I’m putting my foot on this.
Lola: Have you gone mad?
Yan Yu: I’ve already gone mad many times before, but right now, I’m stone cold sober.
Lola: Why
—The news that had caused Ling Luo to faint

Yan Yu then admitted Ling Luo into the hospital. Sometime later, Ling Yu would receive news of her friend's coma, causing her to feel guilty. Realizing her mistake, Ling Yu takes it into herself to wake up Ling Luo, going into psychiatry and becoming a psychotherapist. Hints of Ling Yu's efforts to wake up her friend would emerge in Ling Luo's delusional world, like in "Sìchóng Zuìniè".

Please tell me that I could still repair your deeply sunken heart
Please tell me whether there is a possibility that you could awake for me
—Ling Yu begs Ling Luo to wake up, song lyrics

Your voice breaks through each layer by layer of this dream
Calling out to me from the other side, farthest away
—Ling Luo's confession to Ling Yu, song lyrics

Eventually, Ling Luo wakes up. Meeting again after such a long separation, the two reconcile, and promise to stay together from then on, come what may. The series then ends with a snapshot of the three key characters' happiness.

"I don't want to be alone."

"I don't want to be betrayed."

If, in the entirety of "goodbye", the grammatical subject and object are only the world and I, then the one that will be cast aside can't possibly be me. Us.

I don’t accept that that is destiny. Destiny is but a chessboard game-state that has been abandoned by the gods, where all the pieces have already stopped breathing millions of years ago. None may enjoy their destiny, and it is nothing more than a false proposition.

Humans are only deserving to hold a lie known by the name of "truth". Reality is truth, so reality is also a lie.

Ling Yu: "I'm sorry."
—Video text

This is our place of belonging
Somewhere piled with layers and layers of drama...

The song reached 1 million views on March 1, 2019.


Singer + Color
TianyiTianyi & Ling
Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音)
无意之中忘记是用谁的笔 wuyizhizhong wangji shi yong shei de bi
写下以为不会分离的话语 xie xia yiwei bu hui fenli de huayu
正是因为惧怕 要为遗忘悲伤 zheng shi yinwei jupa yao wei yiwang beishang
才把悲伤这件事本身遗忘 cai ba beishang zhe jian shi benshen yiwang

我藏起了悲喜装作恣意的鹰 wo cang qi le bei xi zhuang zuo ziyi de ying
对风雨的侵袭丧失感应 dui fengyu de qinxi sangshi ganying
以为眼中泪滴早已经被封印 yiwei yan zhong lei di zao yijing bei fengyin
直到遇见你歌里的坚毅 zhidao yujian ni ge li de jianyi
想要拾回久违的感情 xiang yao shi hui jiuwei de ganqing
未来却戏剧般被否定 weilai que xiju ban bei fouding
没办法承担你的期许 mei banfa chengdan ni de qixu
不敢再听只是逃避 bu gan zai ting zhishi taobi
无能为力我顽劣的叛逆 wunengweili wo wanlie de panni
现实面前如此不堪一击 xianshi mianqian ruci bukan'yiji
连固执的资本也都尽数失去 lian guzhi de ziben ye dou jinshu shiqu
再没坚强能供自我麻痹 zai mei jianqiang neng gong ziwo mabi
从你的身边匆匆逃离 cong ni de shenbian congcong taoli
甚至没听见你的悲鸣 shenzhi mei tingjian ni de beiming
修葺你那沉溺的心是否来得及 xiuqi ni na chenni de xin shifou laideji
你有没有可能性为我苏醒 ni youmeiyou kenengxing wei wo suxing

在你独自转身偏离轨道的一刻 zai ni duzi zhuanshen pianli guidao de yike
转瞬间世界空了 zhuan shunjian shijie kong le
我策划出无数个可怖的镜头 wo cehua chu wushu ge kebu de jingtou
自虐着扮一个受害者 zinüe zhe ban yige shouhaizhe
许多为什么犹豫想问出口 xuduo weishenme youyu xiang wen chukou
又抗拒知晓真正缘由 you kangju zhixiao zhenzheng yuanyou
是我无足轻重 不意外的结果 shi wo wuzuqingzhong bu yiwai de jieguo
思念照旧扼住柔软咽喉 sinian zhaojiu e zhu rouruan yanhou

我握紧这份痛演出偏执的兽 wo wo jin zhe fen tong yanchu pianzhi de shou
被困在畸形的悲剧段落 bei kun zai jixing de beiju duanluo
仰视那片离我远去了的天空 yangshi na pian li wo yuan qu le de tiankong
生命真实得再无法忍受 shengming zhenshi de zai wufa renshou
义无反顾地向下坠落 yiwufangu de xiang xia zhuiluo
痴心妄想谁能接住我 chixinwangxiang shei neng jie zhu wo
却自知嘲讽还不过是向你呼救 que zizhi chaofeng hai buguo shi xiang ni hujiu
还好终于我们相隔着现实的断层  hai hao zhongyu women xiangge zhe xianshi de duanceng
不约而同地将彼此选择 buyue'ertong de jiang bici xuanze
你的声音击破梦魇一重一重 ni de shengyin jipo mengyan yizhong yizhong
自最遥远的彼方呼唤我 zi zui yaoyuan de bifang huhuan wo
(她们的目光安然飘落 向初绽花朵) (tamen de muguang anran piaoluo xiang chu zhan huaduo)
想要再一次被你纵容 xiang yao zai yici bei ni zongrong
想要再一次被你拯救 xiang yao zai yici bei ni zhengjiu
那些一意孤行的过错还请原谅我 naxie yiyiguxing de guocuo hai qing yuanliang wo
(即使被现实再度触摸 也不畏缩) (jishi bei xianshi zaidu chumo ye bu weisuo)
面对凶险的今后别离开我 mian dui xiongxian de jinhou bie likai wo

我握紧这份痛演出偏执的兽 wo wo jin zhe fen tong yanchu pianzhi de shou
被困在畸形的悲剧段落 bei kun zai jixing de beiju duanluo
仰视那片离我远去了的天空 yangshi na pian li wo yuan qu le de tiankong
生命真实得再无法忍受 shengming zhenshi de zai wufa renshou
想要再一次被你纵容 xiang yao zai yici bei ni zongrong
想要再一次被你拯救 xiang yao zai yici bei ni zhengjiu
那些一意孤行的过错还请原谅我 naxie yiyiguxing de guocuo hai qing yuanliang wo
面对凶险的今后 别离开我 mian dui xiongxian de jinhou bie likai wo


Alie Alie's PV
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Alie Alie (video)
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This song was featured in the Wàngxiǎngzhèng Paranoia album.

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