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Yugami-P's first and most popular work, the song is a dark spin-off of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland featuring the first five Crypton's VOCALOIDs. It has four main parts that composes it.

A brief introduction at the beginning tells of a tiny dream, which in order to survive, traps people inside of itself, allowing them to create their own world in order to keep them dreaming and sustaining its own existence. Since it will cease to exist unless someone dreams it, it traps a new sleeper once the old one has died in the dream.

The first part is the story of MEIKO, the first "Alice". She is the brave one who kills everyone and anything she sees so that she can make her way. She is forever trapped as a sinner, with only her paths of blood showing she ever existed.

The second is the story of KAITO, the second Alice. He is tame and obedient and sings to create a world, but his twisted words create a world of madness. He gets shot by a madman, and as he bleeds out and dies, though he is looked upon with adoration.

The third section is the story of Miku, who deludes many people as the third Alice. She builds a kingdom and names herself the queen, however she becomes afraid of death and the prospect of her body aging and rotting away. She rules at the top of her kingdom alone.

The last section tells of Rin and Len, presented as being "one" Alice who are full of wonder, receiving an invitation from a castle. They were the closest ones to ‘Alice’ but they are still in the dream and continue to wander around the wonderland, never to wake up. There are many interpretations of this section (as in one ending, they get killed by MEIKO), but no matter what, the "twins" never leave Wonderland.

The song ending is left open, leaving viewers wondering who will be the next victim of this twisted dream.

Yugami-P's only clue to the meaning of the song is "The history of the VOCALOIDs themselves".

Alice Human Sacrifice has been immensely popular amongst creators of fanmade PVs, as well as the subject of countless fandubs—with multiple translations as well.

This song is featured in the EXIT TUNES compilation album Vocaloanthems.


Singer + Color
KAITORinRin & Len
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
1番目アリスは勇ましく ichibanme arisu wa isamashiku
剣を片手に、不思議の国。 ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.
いろんなものを斬り捨てて、 ironna mono o kirisutete,
真っ赤な道を敷いていった。 makka na michi o shiite itta.

そんなアリスは、森の奥。 sonna arisu wa, mori no oku.
罪人のように閉じ込められて。 tsumibito no you ni tojikomerarete.
森に出来た道以外に、 mori ni dekita michi igai ni,
彼女の生を知る術はなし。 kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi.

2番目アリスはおとなしく nibanme arisu wa otonashiku
歌を歌って、不思議の国。 uta o utatte, fushigi no kuni.
いろんな音を溢れさせて、 ironna oto o afuresasete,
狂った世界を生み出した。 kurutta sekai o umidashita.

そんなアリスは、薔薇の花。 sonna arisu wa, bara no hana.
いかれた男に撃ち殺されて。 ikareta otoko ni uchikorosarete.
真っ赤な花を一輪咲かせ makka na hana o ichirin sakase
皆に愛でられ枯れていく。 minna ni mederare karete iku.

3番目アリスは幼い子。 sanbanme arisu wa osanai ko.
綺麗な姿で、不思議の国。 kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.
いろんな人を惑わせて、 ironna hito o madowasete,
おかしな国を造りあげた。 okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta.

そんなアリスは、国の女王。 sonna arisu wa, kuni no joou.
歪な夢にとり憑かれて。 ibitsu na yume ni toritsukarete.
朽ちゆく体に怯えながら、 kuchiyuku karada ni obienagara,
国の頂点に君臨する。 kuni no chouten ni kunrin suru.

森の小道を辿ったり mori no komichi o tadottari
薔薇の木の下でお茶会 bara no ki no shita de ochakai
お城からの招待状は oshiro kara no shoutaijou wa
ハートのトランプ haato no toranpu

4番目アリスは双子の子。 yonbanme arisu wa futago no ko.
好奇心から、不思議の国。 koukishin kara, fushigi no kuni.
いろんな扉を潜り抜けて、 ironna tobira o kugurinukete,
ついさっきやって来たばかり。 tsuisakki yatte kita bakari.

気の強い姉と、賢い弟。 ki no tsuyoi ane to, kashikoi otouto.
一番アリスに 近かったけど、 ichiban arisu ni chikatta kedo,

二人の夢は、覚めないまま。 futari no yume wa, samenai mama.
不思議の国を彷徨った。 fushigi no kuni o samayotta.


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This song was featured in the compilation album Vocaloanthems.

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