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Image of "人畜無害 (Jinchiku Mugai)"
Album title
  • "人畜無害"
  • Romaji: Jinchiku Mugai
  • English: Neither Harm Nor Help
Published June 27, 2012, for ¥2,600
  • TENKOMORI (producer)
  • EasyPop (compose, lyrics)
  • MOSAIC.WAV, y0c1e, PandaBoY (arrange)
  • Tetsujiroo (guitar)
  • Ebira (album art)


"Jinchiku Mugai" is TENKOMORI's debut solo album, containing a music CD and a DVD. It features the VOCALOIDs Miku, Len, GUMI, and Luka. Ten tracks are original songs, while three are remixes of TENKOMORI's songs, one is a remix of EasyPop's song by TENKOMORI, and the last track is Miku's cover of a non-VOCALOID TENKOMORI song originally sung by Nanahira.

The DVD contains PVs for 6 songs on the album.

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Track listingEdit

All lyrics written by TENKOMORI, with track 2 being written by EasyPop.
1."ウインク・トランジ・スター (Wink Transi Star)"TENKOMORIHatsune Miku3:29
2."ハッピーシンセサイザ (Happy Synthesizer)" (redial call remix)TENKOMORIMegurine Luka, GUMI5:18
3."回線上のギャングスター (Kaisenjou no Gangster)" (Online Gangster)TENKOMORIHatsune Miku4:52
4."アストロトルーパー (Astro Troopers)"TENKOMORIHatsune Miku4:03
5."ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール (Netoge Haijin Sprechchor)" (ONLINE GAME ADDICTS SPRECHCHOR)TENKOMORIHatsune Miku4:54
6."夏休みYummy (Natsuyasumi Yummy)" (Summer Vacation Yummy)TENKOMORIKagamine Len4:14
8."人畜無害 (Jinchiku Mugai)" (Neither Harm Nor Help)TENKOMORIHatsune Miku3:33
9."チョコレートは人体に対してこんなにも危険! (Chocolate wa Jintai ni Taishite Konna ni mo Kiken!)" (Chocolate is exceptionally harmful to humans like this!)TENKOMORIHatsune Miku2:41
10."お断りします (Okotowari Shimasu)" (No Thank You)TENKOMORIHatsune Miku4:14
11."男の娘メモラブル (Otoko no Ko Memorable)" (Memorable Girly Boy)TENKOMORIKagamine Len4:48
12."お断りします (Okotowari Shimasu)" (No Thank You (Dempa ga Tenkomo remix))MOSAIC.WAVHatsune Miku5:01
13."ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール (Netoge Haijin Sprechchor)" (ONLINE GAME ADDICT'S SPRECHCHOR (buff!buff!REMIX))y0c1eHatsune Miku3:37
14."男の娘メモラブル (Otoko no Ko Memorable)" (Memorable Girly Boy (He is Panda Girl!? REMIX))PandaBoYKagamine Len5:30
15."いいえ、トムは妹に対して性的な興奮を覚えています (Iie, Tomu wa Imouto ni Taishite Seiteki na Koufun o Oboete Imasu)" Hatsune Miku3:28
Total length:1:04:05

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