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"There is any regret in the first love? "
—Author's comment

This song is part of Honeyworks' Confession Executive Committee Love Series and it focuses on Haruki and Miou's relationship, from Miou's point of view.

Aida Miou starts off the song a few years in the future by wondering, "When was it when we first met? Do you remember, those few springs ago?" She remembers seeing Serizawa Haruki in the hallways, playing around with another boy. Even though the two were in different classes and weren't around each other during school much, there was something about Haruki that Miou says she just couldn't ignore.

The she asks, "When was it we first talked? Do you remember, how you were the one who spoke to me first?" The two start talking, and before long, rumours about them dating start appearing. They get teased about it, but the teasing brought them slightly closer to each other, making his blunt personality even more apparent to her.

She keeps reprimanding herself for never being able to confess her feelings to him. She keeps thinking things like, "If I'd only worked up the courage, he would have loved me too, right?" However, no matter how positive about it she had tried to be, she had been too shy to tell him.

She admits to herself that even if she never confessed, he was definitely her first love. Even if their time together was a short period in their lives- even if she's a lot older and no longer her old self that was in love with Haruki, she was glad to have met him and been able to love him. Even so, she wishes she had worked up the courage to 'cross those four inches' and lock hands with him to confess. Still, she didn't and must leave behind this small sliver of her past- her first true love.

It has entered the Hall of Legend, reaching over a million views on NND and a million on YT.

This song is also included in HoneyWorks' albums Hatsukoi Note, Rokugen Astrology and a version sung by Miou's voice actress, Toyosaki Aki, on Boku Ja Dame Desu Ka?.

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Succeeding versions[]

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shito, Gom (music, lyrics), Marashii (piano), RangChang (strings), pietani397 (illust), Emumero (video)
cake's piano cover
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cake (HoneyWorks)
Categories Piano Cover
Toyosaki Aki's cover
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Categories Human cover
An official cover by Aida Miou's voice actor, Toyosaki Aki, included in the CD "Boku Ja Dame Desu Ka?".
初恋の絵本 -another story-
HoneyWorks - Boku jya dame desu ka.jpg
Translation Hatsukoi no Ehon -another story- (First Love Picture Book -another story)
Categories Spin-off
An answer song, telling the story from Haruki's point of view. It is included on the CD Boku Ja Dame Desu Ka? and on the HoneyWorks Kyoku Uttatemita 2 album.
Re:Hatsukoi no Ehon
Categories Sequel
An official sequel song from Miou's perspective detailing what happened after the events of Hatsukoi no Ehon. This song first appeared on the miniseries Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
出会ったのはいつだっけ? deatta no wa itsu dakke?
何年前の春だっけ? nannen mae no haru dakke?
廊下ではしゃいで怒られてる人 rouka de hashaide okorareteru hito

クラスは離れてたけど kurasu wa hanareteta kedo
何かと目立ってましたよ 君は nanikato medatte mashita yo kimi wa

話したのはいつだっけ? hanashita no wa itsu dakke?
声をかけてくれたんだっけ? koe o kakete kuretan dakke?
いつの間にかくだらない話して itsu no ma ni ka kudaranai hanashi shite

冷やかされちゃって変な距離感 hiyakasarechatte henna kyorikan
君は素気ないけど kimi wa sokke nai kedo
でもね 知ってた demo ne shitteta

残り10cmの勇気があったなら nokori juu senchi no yūki ga atta nara
“未来” きょう が変わってたのかな “kyou” ga kawatteta no kana
もっと私単純バカで素直なら motto watashi tanjun bakka de sunao nara
掴んでた はずなの! tsukandeta hazu nano!

好きなの! 好きでしょ? suki nano! suki desho?
ポジティブ系の意気地なし・・・ pojitibu kei no ikuji nashi…

今も思い出すの ima mo omoidasu no
このページも あの時のページも kono pēji mo ano toki no pēji mo
私の初恋でした watashi no hatsukoi deshita

「秘密だよ」 “himitsu da yo”

君の長い物語の中に私 kimi no nagai monogatari no naka ni watashi
少しでもいられたかな sukoshi demo irareta kana
君と私の物語が少しだけ kimi to watashi no monogatari ga sukoshi dake
重なってたはずなの! kasanatteta hazu nano!

今はもう子供じゃないけれど ima wa mou kodomo ja nai keredo
素敵な 恋と思い出の本を閉じたら鍵をかけて suteki na koi to omoide no hon o tojitara kagi o kakete

残り10cmの勇気があったなら nokori juu senchi no yūki ga atta nara


Shinano Vang ft. Rin and Len's Hatsukoi no Ehon x Male Side Cover
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Shinano Vang
Categories VOCALOID cover
Amatsuki's Cover (Arrange Version)
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Categories Human cover
96neko and halyosy's cover
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Categories Human cover

Other media appearances[]


A novel based on the song, called "First Love Picture Book", has also been written.

Video Games[]

This song is featured in the game HoneyWorks Premium Live (sung by Aki Toyosaki).


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