Image of "初音ミクDVD~memories~ (Hatsune Miku DVD ~memories~)"
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  • "初音ミクDVD~memories~"
Published February 10, 2010, for ¥3,939

Background[edit | edit source]

"Hatsune Miku DVD ~memories~" is a DVD compilation album by Sony Music Direct. It contains PVs of 13 notable tracks, all sung by Miku. Notable songs such as ryo's "World is Mine", kz's "Last Night, Good Night", and 19's Sound Factory's "Dear" are featured.

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Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."ハジメテノオト (Hajimete no Oto)" (The First Sound [3D PV])malomalopuni-ko2:11
2."えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅで手書きアニメ (Electric Angel de Tekagi Anime)" (Handmade animation of Electric Angel)Yasuo-PYasuo-PNishiki Koi3:16
3."ワールドイズマイン (World is Mine)"ryoryoredjuice4:15
5."melody.exe" (ver2.00)mikuru396mikuru396Ussy-P4:54
6."ブラック★ロックシューター (Black★Rock Shooter)"ryoryohuke4:53
7."Last Night, Good Night"kzkzredjuice6:22
8."Dear"19's Sound Factory19's Sound FactoryMienohito4:30
11."LOL -lots of laugh-"EndcapeKeNHonya Lala (illust), Poeyama (video)3:42
12."夕日坂 (Yuuhizaka)" (Sunset Hill)dorikodorikonezuki6:13
13."スマイリー^2 (Smiley^2)" (PV ver.1.1+α)GonGossGonGossmoch6:01
Total length:58:10

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Limited first pressings of the DVDs included bonus footage of Miku's first live appearance at the Miku FES'09 (Natsu) concert.

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