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Image of "君を捜す空 (Kimi wo Sagasu Sora)"
Song title
  • "君を捜す空"
  • Romaji: Kimi o Sagasu Sora
  • English: The Sky Where I Look for You
  • Official English: Sky looking for you
Published February 25, 2009, with 982,400+ Niconico views


The first song in the Synchronicity series. It tells of how Len was separated from his twin sister Rin at birth. When he grows older, his mother reveals him the truth and he decides to save her from her fate of singing for a dragon until she becomes devoured.

This song is featured in EndlessroLL and Hitoshizukushi, Hitoshizuku-P's first album. It has entered the Hall of Fame.

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Succeeding VersionsEdit

Hitoshizukushi version
Featuring Kagamine Len
Category Succeeding version


A revised version that was included in Hitoshizukushi
EndlessroLL version
Featuring Kagamine Len
Hitoshizuku-P, Yama△
Category Succeeding version


An arrangement for the EndlessroLL album. It was later uploaded to YouTube.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
東に伸びる道へあてもないまま higashi ni nobiru michi e ate mo nai mama
連れだつ者はただ影のみ 進む tsuredatsu mono wa tada kage nomi susumu

白紙の地図に刻む遠い歌声 hakushi no chizu ni kizamu tooi utagoe
奏でるその影を探し求めて kanaderu sono kage o sagashi motomete

遠く遠く果てなく巡り往く 運命 さだめ tooku tooku hatenaku meguri yuku sadame
欠けたココロ探してあてもなく彷徨う kaketa kokoro sagashite ate mo naku samayou

乾いた魂さえ潤す歌声 kawaita tamashii sae uruosu utagoe
焼き付いて離れない yakitsuite hanarenai
君の笑顔を見つける日まで… kimi no egao o mitsukeru hi made...

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