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Image of "哲学♂革命 (Zhéxué ♂ Gémìng)"
Song title
  • "哲学♂革命"
  • Traditional Chinese: 哲學♂革命
  • Pinyin: Zhéxué ♂ Gémìng
  • Official English: Philosophical ♂ Revolution
Published September 29, 2013, with 143,700+ bilibili views and 2,800+ SoundCloud views
  • Sya (compose)
  • Tiaonan-P (compose, lyrics, arrange, tuning)
  • Qing Qiexian (illustrator)
  • Gu Jian ♂ Moca (video editor)

Background[edit | edit source]

"Philosophical ♂ Revolution" is an original song that mainly features YANHE and GUMI. Luo Tianyi and KAITO sing the harmonies.

The song exceeded 100,000 views on bilibili.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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