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Image of "奇迹年轮 (Qíjì Niánlún)"
Album title
  • "奇迹年轮"
  • Traditional Chinese: 奇蹟年輪
  • Pinyin: Qíjì Niánlún
  • Official English: Miracle Annual
Published September 30, 2017, for 15.00 - 150.00 RMB for Physical
  • yk!, Aginomoto, ANK, Utae, Demon (compose, arrange)
  • TUNO, Reguluz (compose, arrange, mixing)
  • Kolaa (compose, arrange, mastering)
  • Banshaoenizi (compose, arrange, tuning)
  • Irish Kappa, Siren (compose, arrange, lyrics)
  • nano (arrange)
  • sisouja, Jinghui (lyrics)
  • samedea, cono (tuning)
  • Jiexian Tupo (album art)


"Miracle Annual" is a compilation album featuring Hatsune Miku's V2, V3, V4X, and V4 Chinese voicebanks. It was created in celebration of her 10th anniversary.

Track listing[]

1."八月雨后,初晴与彩虹 (Bā Yuè Yǔhòu, Chū Qíng Yǔ Cǎihóng)"sisoujayk!Hatsune Miku3:08
2."勇気 (Yuuki)" (Courage)sisoujaTUNO TongyinHatsune Miku V4X Soft3:28
3."マジカルナンバ (Majika Nambaa)" (Magical Number)sisoujaAginomotoHatsune Miku V3 Vivid3:29
4."Sunny sky Signals"sisoujaANKHatsune Miku V4X Original3:36
5."夏に落ちるサンデー (Natsu ni Ochiru Sunday)"sisoujaKolaaHatsune Miku V3 Vivid3:42
6."Dreaming Girl"sisoujaBanshaoeniziHatsune Miku4:06
7."君のいる所へ (Kimi no Iru Tokoro e)"sisoujaUtaeHatsune Miku V4X Soft3:45
8."花火 (Hanabi)" (Fireworks)Irish KappaIrish KappaHatsune Miku4:04
9."EMP"SirenSirenHatsune Miku3:28
10."Secret Love"sisoujaDemonHatsune Miku3:24
11."Love in last sight"sisoujaReguluzHatsune Miku V4X Soft3:38
12."晴空信号 (Qíngkōng Xìnhào)" (Sunny sky Signals)JinghuiANKHatsune Miku V4 Chinese3:34
Total length:43:22

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