Image of "女孩你为何踮脚尖 (Nǚhái Nǐ Wèihé Diàn Jiǎojiān)"
Song title
  • "女孩你为何踮脚尖"
  • Traditional Chinese: 女孩你為何踮腳尖
  • Pinyin: Nǚhái Nǐ Wèihé Diàn Jiǎojiān
  • English: Girl, Why do You Stand on Your Toes
Published April 18, 2015, with 683,800+ bilibili views and 697,500+ YouTube views


"Nǚhái Nǐ Wèihé Diàn Jiǎojiān" is an original Luo Tianyi song. Four guest characters from the VOCANESE group appear in the PV: YANHE, Yuezheng Ling, Yuezheng Longya, and Zhiyu Moke.

In the song, a girl (Tianyi) walked into the circus and all she saw were crazy things. She later joins the circus and became one of the members, losing her innocence and learning how to hide her face behind a mask. The circus itself represents society.

This song exceeded 100,000 views on bilibili and on YouTube.


On May 2, 2020, after it was noticed by fans that the original version was replaced with a Shian version, the video received backlash, claiming that Ddickky, the head of Quadimension, was trying to give the Synthesizer V vocal a "legend song" (a song with at least 1 million views), using the original upload's established 600,000+ views as a headstart since bilibili allowed users to replace videos without having to delete the original link or lose data. Ddickky also made an assumption that VOCALOID fans cared more about the views and data rather than who sang it, so when addressed to, he changed the title and description to avoid misconceptions. He noted that he was not trying to gain attention when the video was initially changed without editing the title.

He later announced that the copyright of "Nǚhái Nǐ Wèihé Diàn Jiǎojiān"'s lyrics were specially given to TikTok for two years and was not in Quadimension's control within this time span. It is unknown if the copyright would be renewed after two years and it is also unknown if the upload would be changed back. The copyright transfer was also the reason why Tianyi's version was replaced with Shian's, but after suffering backlash, the upload was replaced entirely with instrumentals only. As a warning to fans, because TikTok is a large company, violation penalty fees may be distributed and are considered to be serious.[1]

This also prompted Ddickky to announce that one of his colleagues may make a list of copyrights, specifically about which works were open for non-commercial doujin works, for fans to reference. He noted that Quadimension holds the copyright for most of their songs, but would not change the source. They may allow partners and new characters to sing them. It was also requested that for songs made by ugc creators (who hold the rights to their songs), fans should not attack them if a decision was made to change or delete the video.[2]

As a note from VOCALOID Wikia, the song page will still list the original upload, but the viewcounts are frozen for bilibili until futher notice.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Shuangsheng's Cover
Shuangsheng (vocals), Qinloufengchui (lyrics, compose, arrange), Senjougahara Yousei (arrange), Mr. Yu (mixing), Zhupao (video)
Categories Human Self-cover
Shian's Version
Qinloufengchui (lyrics, compose, arrange), Senjougahara Yousei (arrange)
Categories Synthesizer V cover
This version of the song replaced the original Tianyi version for a short time before it was removed and replaced with an instrumental only. It is unknown if Shian's version of the song would be reuploaded via its own link, as a stack, or replacing the original upload again.


Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音)
暮色微启 听一声叹息 muse wei qi ting yisheng tanxi
女孩的童话书被重新合起 nühai de tonghua shu bei chongxin he qi
窗外的华灯 衬一丝幽静 chuangwai de huadeng chen yisi youjing
关上推开门走进夜的游戏 guanshang tui kai men zou jin ye de youxi

旋转木马 为什么停下 xuanzhuan muma weishenme ting xia
一个人的跷跷板无力挣扎 yige ren de qiaoqiaoban wuli zhengzha
开演前的时间滴答滴答 kaiyan qian de shijian dida dida
烟花回答 马戏团开场啦 yanhua huida maxi tuan kaichangla

啦啦啦 啦啦啦 猴子身下骑着马 la la la la la la houzi shen xia qizhe ma
啦啦啦 啦啦啦 尾巴被融化 la la la la la la weiba bei ronghua
表演苹果插飞刀 幕布落下很蹊跷 biaoyan pingguo cha fei dao mubu luoxia hen qiqiao
气氛推向了高潮 小丑发出尖笑 qifen tui xiangle gaochao xiaochou fachu jian xiao

女孩你为何踮脚尖 是否想看到小丑的笑脸 nühai ni weihe dian jiaojian shifou xiang kan dao xiaochou de xiaolian
马戏团世界很善变 面具后表情你看不见 maxi tuan shijie hen shan bian mianju hou biaoqing ni kan bujian
女孩你为何睁大眼 看到的虚伪实在太眼显 nühai ni weihe zheng da yan kan dao de xuwei shizai tai yan xian
他们距你有很多年 和你不同他们没有明天 tamen ju ni you henduo nian he ni butong tamen meiyou mingtian

暮色重临 又一轮明月 muse chong lin you yi lun mingyue
女孩的童话书被昨夜封印 nühai de tonghua shu bei zuoye fengyin
窗外的华灯 印一朵背影 chuangwai de huadeng yin yi duo beiying
推开关上门变成夜的精灵 tuikai guanshang men biancheng ye de jingling

旋转木马 能不能停下 xuanzhuan muma neng buneng ting xia
迷宫内有好多人无声喧哗 migong nei you haoduo ren wusheng xuanhua
开演前的时间滴答滴答 kaiyan qian de shijian dida dida
烟花回答 马戏团开场啦 yanhua huida maxi tuan kaichangla

啦啦啦 啦啦啦 猴子头上顶南瓜 la la la la la la houzi tou shang ding nangua
啦啦啦 啦啦啦 突然开了花 la la la la la la turan kaile hua
飞刀表演前祷告 观众表情很微妙 fei dao biaoyan qian daogao guanzhong biaoqing hen weimiao
气氛推向了高潮 小丑发出尖笑 qifen tui xiangle gaochao xiaochou fachu jian xiao

女孩你不用踮脚尖 三英寸外是小丑的笑脸 nühai ni buyong dian jiaojian san yingcun wai shi xiaochou de xiaolian
滑稽的动作再来一遍 面具后表情你看不见 huaji de dongzuo zailai yibian mianju hou biaoqing ni kan bujian
女孩你不用闭上眼 水晶球 摇摆的怀表 催眠 nühai ni buyong bi shang yan shuijing qiu yaobai de huaibiao cuimian
晦涩面具掩盖容颜 来吧让我们狂欢到明天 huise mianju yangai rongyan lai ba rang women kuanghuan dao mingtian

女孩你为何踮脚尖 为何不逃离小丑的笑脸 nühai ni weihe dian jiaojian weihe bu taoli xiaochou de xiaolian
喧闹却温暖这里好过冰凉的世界 xuannao que wennuan zheli haoguo bingliang de shijie
女孩你梦中童话里面温柔如春天 nühai ni meng zhong tonghua li mian wenrou ru chuntian
醒不来的梦 在温暖也不可信 让它沉睡在回忆里 xing bu lai de meng zai wennuan ye buke xin rang ta chenshui zai huiyi li

女孩请你踮起脚尖 狐步舞的节奏 起点终点 nühai qing ni dian qi jiaojian hu bu wu de jiezou qidian zhongdian
错过的演出再一遍 面具后表情你看不见 cuoguo de yanchu zai yibian mianju hou biaoqing ni kan bujian
女孩请你慢慢睁眼 水晶球 摇摆怀表 催眠 nühai qing ni man man zheng yan shuijing qiu yaobai huaibiao cuimian
晦涩面具掩盖容颜 来吧让我们狂欢在这华年 huise mianju yangai rongyan lai ba rang women kuanghuan zai zhe hua nian


Serge Sun's Cover ft. Xingchen
Categories VOCALOID Cover
Liuxu's Cover ft. Miku
bilibili logo
Liuxu (tuning), Muxiaoba, Haru.jpg (VSQx)
Categories VOCALOID Cover
Haru.jpg's Cover ft. Ruby
bilibili logo
Isoko Ruby
Muxiaoba (MIDI), Ti-iT (illustrator), Haru.jpg (tuning)
Categories UTAU Cover

Akie Qiuhui's Cover
Akie Qiuhui (vocals), Ririko (compression, mixing)
Categories Human Cover

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This song was featured in the Píngxíng Sì Jiè 2 album.



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