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Image of "平行四界×轻文轻小说 EP Vol. 1 (Píngxíng Sì Jiè × Qīngwén Qīng Xiǎoshuō EP Vol. 1)"
Album title
  • "平行四界×轻文轻小说 EP Vol. 1"
  • Traditional Chinese: 平行四界×輕文輕小說 EP Vol. 1
  • Pinyin: Píngxíng Sì Jiè × Qīngwén Qīng Xiǎoshuō EP Vol. 1
Published July 20, 2016, for 40 RMB for Physical

Background[edit | edit source]

"Píngxíng Sì Jiè × Qīngwén Qīng Xiǎoshuō EP Vol. 1" is a collaboration album and light novel series between Quadimension and Qingwen She. The album features Xingchen and is the first volume of the series. It consists of four original songs and four instrumentals.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."青春计算式 (Qīngchūn Jìsuàn Shì)"YukinsnowYukinsnowXingchen3:55
2."神圣之名 (Shénshèng zhī Míng)" (Sacred Name)Yu LiT-L-SXingchen5:08
3."剑雪清寒 (Jiàn Xuě Qīnghán)"MouluoEuricoXingchen4:56
4."苍白梦书 (Cāngbái Mèng Shū)"Zhe You NaiONOXingchen5:14
5."青春计算式 (Qīngchūn Jìsuàn Shì)" (Instrumental) Yukinsnow 3:48
6."神圣之名 (Shénshèng zhī Míng)" (Sacred Name - Instrumental) T-L-S 5:08
7."剑雪清寒 (Jiàn Xuě Qīnghán)" (Instrumental) Eurico 4:56
8."苍白梦书 (Cāngbái Mèng Shū)" (Instrumental) ONO 5:12
Total length:38:17

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