Image of "恋のプログラム発動 (Koi no Program Hatsudou)"
Album title
  • "恋のプログラム発動"
  • Romaji: Koi no Puroguramu Hatsudou
  • English: Starting the Program of Love
Published September 9, 2015, for ¥1,800

Background[edit | edit source]

"Koi no Program Hatsudou" is LamazeP's third album and second album released by KARENT in association with EXIT TUNES. It features only Miku.

Many of the songs in the album are redone with Miku's V3 vocals as well as utilizing the VOCALOID4 engine.

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Track listing[edit | edit source]

All tracks written by LamazeP.

1."恋のプログラム発動 (Koi no Program Hatsudou)" (Starting the Program of Love)4:13
2."今日も怯えていますか? (Kyou mo Obiete Imasu ka?)" (Are You Still a Bit Skittish Today?)4:11
3."強行突破 (Kyouko Toppa)"3:36
4."空調不調 (Kuuchou Fuchou)"3:42
5."通過性マジックペン (Tsuukasei Magic Pen)" (Transparent-color Marker)4:11
6."この気持ちは雨宿り (Kono Kimochi wa Amayadori)"3:51
7."ないないなな拍子 (Nainai Nana Byoushi)" (No-no Seven-seven Time)3:46
8."七日は今だけ (Nanoka wa Ima Dake)"4:16
9."ミクちゃんの手作りシンフォニア (Miku-chan no Tezukuri Symphonia)" (Miku-chan's Hand-made Symphonia)4:04
11."地平線 (Chiheisen)"4:13
12."let get you"3:14
13."キミには! (Kimi ni wa!)" (To you!)3:28
14."心はセレナーデ (Kokoro wa Serenade)" (Heart Serenade)4:03
15."Sleeping, Forest Night."5:31
16."ニコニコヌクモリティ (Niconico Nukumolity)"3:23
Total length:1:03:58

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