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The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green (悪ノ娘 緑のヴィーゲンリート), is the second novel in the series written by Akuno-P(mothy), and was released on February 25, 2011 by PHP Comix. It is the second novel adaption of the Story of Evil. It focuses on the story of Michaela as she reincarnates into a human and lives with Clarith.





One of the earth God Held's kin. She has a cheerful and curious personallity, and is intrested in humans. In the current era, the spirit took the form of a robin. She later chose the appearence original sinner for her human form. Due to her youthfull looks, she proclaims herself to be sixteen.



A netsuma girl that lives in Yatski villiage. She holds a complex due to having white hair and red eyes that differ her from the rest. Due to the racial discrimination, she has developed a servile personality. She works hard, but is extremely clumsy.


Elluka Clockworker

A court mage that served the previous king and one of the "three heroes". As a known prophet, she has many folowers in the palace. At the request of the earth god Held, she has begun collect the "Vessels of Sin". She was born in the northen country Levianta.



One of the earth god Held's kin and Michaela's friend. Despite having a stoic way of speaking, she is a person who cares for her friends. Her spirit form is a chipmunk. When reincarnating into a human, she chose the appearence of Elphegort's first female prime minister, Gumina Glassred.


Kyle Marlon

The king of the island country Marlon, or in the words of his freinds Keel "The playboy that stops by once a month for dinner". He is ruling under his mother, the queen dowager, which frustrates him. After falling in love with Michaela at first sight, he ends his engagement with Riliane.


Keel Freezis

A wealthy merchant that has set up his home in the capital of Elphegort, Aceid and despite having immigrated from Marlon, he has become one of the country's most wealthy men. Servign as the leader for a commercial federation, he has alot of political influence. However, his daughter is in a weak state.


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