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The Daughter of Evil: Praefacio of Blue (悪ノ娘 青のプレファッチオ), is the fourth and final novel in the series written by Akuno-P(mothy), and was released on March 23, 2012 by PHP Comix. It is the fourth novel adaption of the Story of Evil. It focuses on the story of Kyle Marlon and Yukina Freezis as they go together to face Prim Marlon, Kyle's mother.




Yukina Freezis

The Freezis family's oldest daughter. During her trip to learn more about "the world" she stopped by in Beelzenia and met a person involved with "The Daughter of Evil". She's been busy trying to discover the truth of that story.


Kyle Marlon

The young King of Marlon. Although he became possessed by a demon and ruled as a tyrant, he's now releaved of it and is gradually returning to his old self. To uncover the mystery of the various events that occured around him, he has decided to return to his home country.


Ney Futapie

Serves as captian of the Espoinage Task Force, which ins cotrolled by the Marlon kingdom's court mage, Abyss I.R.. Up until now, she's mostly worked in the shadows. She has the power to manipulate the dead by using the Vessel of Sin, "Glass of Conchita".


Prim Marlon

Queen Dowager of Marlon and Kyle's mother. Born in Lucifenia, she became close to Lucifenia's Queen Anne and Elluka. She been doing many suspicious actions, such as giving Kyle a demon possesed mirror.



The apprentice of Elluka, who formerly served as the court mage in the Lucifen dynasty. Before beign separeted with Elluka three years ago, the two of them were searching for the "Vessels of Sin". This is her second visit to Marlon


Germaine Avadonia

After the Lucifenian revolution, she became known as "the Swords Woman in Red Armor". Was originally al soldier in a Beelzenian army, but currently acts as an escort to Gumillia, and helps Yukina and her companions.


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