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Image of "愛 (Ai) (EP)"
Album title
  • ""
  • Romaji: Ai
  • English: Love
Published February 13, 2015, for $1.99
  • Chika
  • Geiky (pre-chorus)
  • Creep-P (producer)
  • GHOST (arrange, tuning, mix, mastering)
  • Geiky (lyrics, translation)
  • Jasket (lyrics)
  • Crusher (album art)


"Ai" is Creep-P's third EP. It contains 4 tracks including a remix by GHOST, karaoke and instrumental.

Preceding and succeeding albumsEdit

Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Creep-P, with additional lyrics by Geiky and Jasket, and arrangements by GHOST for track 4.
1."愛 (Ai)" (Love)Chika4:56
2."愛 (Ai)" (Karaoke)ChikaTBA
3."愛 (Ai)" (Instrumental) 4:56
4."愛 (Ai)" (Marz Mitzi Remix)Chika5:26

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