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Image of "我偏独坐第一香 (Wǒ Piān Dú Zuò Dì Yī Xiāng)"
Song title
  • "我偏独坐第一香"
  • Traditional Chinese: 我偏獨坐第一香
  • Pinyin: Wǒ Piān Dú Zuò Dì Yī Xiāng
Published July 31, 2016, with 150,500+ bilibili views
  • Lü Xie (compose, arrange, lyrics, video editor)
  • MeLo (compose, arrange, tuning, mixing)
  • Ling Jie Orz (illustrator)
  • Yu Si (calligraphy)

Background[edit | edit source]

"Wǒ Piān Dú Zuò Dì Yī Xiāng" is an original Yuezheng Ling song. It is followed by "The Love Words of the Dance with Life and Death".

This song exceeded 100,000 views on bilibili.

Succeeding versions[edit | edit source]

Yong'An's Erhu Arrange
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Lü Xie (compose, arrange), MeLo (compose, arrange, mixing), Yong'An (erhu), mochizukikaoru (poster)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音)
牡丹众芳 一庭香 云想衣裳 mudan zhong fang yi ting xiang yun xiang yichang
迎月来 四色成霜 ying yue lai si se cheng shuang

牡丹之白生幽谷 mudan zhi bai sheng yougu
随万物绽于后土 sui wanwu zhan yu Houtu
自有国度 zi you guodu

枝花两厢 月笼沙 慕情靡它 zhi hua liangxiang yue long sha muqing mi ta
三斗素雪 满庭芳 san dou su xue man ting fang

牡丹之白生幽谷 mudan zhi bai sheng yougu
待万物绽于后土 dai wanwu zhan yu Houtu
地载天覆 di zai tian fu

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