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Song title
  • "星屑ユートピア"
  • Romaji: Hoshikuzu Utopia
  • English: Stardust Utopia
Published January 30, 2009, with 2,101,000+ Niconico views and 25,000+ piapro views


This song was uploaded to Niconico on January 30, 2009. It is otetsu's most famous song, with over 1 million views on Niconico Video; uploaded in January 30, 2009, the day Luka was released. The lyrics are hard to understand, One theory is that it is a sad love story involving two close friends in a deteriorating relationship during their high school years as a new person (Megurine Luka) enters their lives (Based on the 2015 novel). Another is that Luka is sketching and painting stars and fantasies in the black canvas and the night sky where she is living in her own world (Utopia).; As well as hearing an comforting a crying angel as it is her "corrupted melody" These fantasies become real for her too as she now can't flee from anything or let anything get away from her in reality.

Succeeding versionsEdit

English version
Niconico logo
Megurine Luka
Junsuirakka-P (lyrics, tuning, video), meola (illustration)
Categories Succeeding version; VOCALOID Cover; Alternative Language
VY1's version
Categories Self-cover; Demonstation; Short version
A version featuring VY1, included on the album feat.VY1. A short version was also used as a demo for VY1.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
今日も夜空に浮かべた非現実の中 kyou mo yozora ni ukabeta higenjitsu no naka
真っ黒なキャンバスに星を描く makkuro na kyanbasu ni hoshi o egaku

静寂、巡る本能と(すが)るべき何か seijaku, meguru honnou to sugaru beki nanika
また響き渡る天使の叫び mata hibikiwataru tenshi no sakebi

奏でる悲鳴は背徳の調べ kanaderu himei wa haitoku no shirabe
(儚く 散りゆく 世界で) (hakanaku chiri yuku sekai de)
綺麗な星空を切り裂いて降らせた涙 kirei na hoshizora o kirisaite furaseta namida

舞い踊る星屑眺めた夜は まだ笑ってた mai-odoru hoshikuzu nagameta yoru wa mada waratteta
泣いていた 息をしていた naite ita iki o shite ita

静寂、流れる時間と守るべき何か seijaku, nagareru jikan to mamoru beki nanika
映り込んだ不安と(いびつ)な月 utsuri konda fuan to ibitsu na tsuki

描いた希望は無彩色の花 egaita kibou wa musaishoku no hana
(儚く 散りゆく 世界で) (hakanaku chiri yuku sekai de)
届かぬ星空見上げて todokanu hoshizora miagete

零れてしまいそうな星屑 koborete shimaisou na hoshikuzu
消えてしまわぬように守ってた kiete shimawanu you ni mamotteta
願ってた 幸せだった negatteta shiawase datta

もしも空が剥がれ落ちても moshi mo sora ga hagare ochite mo
何度でも塗り潰せるから nando demo nuritsubuseru kara
この螺旋の中 kono rasen no naka

奏でる悲鳴は背徳の調べ kanaderu himei wa haitoku no shirabe
(儚く 散りゆく 世界で) (hakanaku chiri yuku sekai de)
綺麗な星空を切り裂いて降らせた涙 kirei na hoshizora wo kirisaite furaseta namida
輝いた想い kagayaita omoi

舞い踊る星屑描いたこの理想郷(まち)mai odoru hoshikuzu egaita kono machi de
笑ってる 泣いている 生きている waratteru naite iru ikite iru

今日もまた夜空に描いた非現実 kyou mo mata yozora ni egaita higenjitsu
何もかも逃れようのない現実 nani mo ka mo nogareyou no nai genjitsu

In no real world I floated
to the night sky
I also drew stars
on the black canvas today

The quietness
the instinct not controlled
and something I should rely on
I heard the angel crying
Her voice rang out in the sky

Her cry was immoral melody
She dusted her tears
over the beautiful
starry sky

Dancing star dust
I looked over in the night
Still I was laughing
I was crying
I was breathing

The quietness
time going on and
something I should shelter
Reflected anxicty
and deformed moon

The hope I drew was
no color flower
I looked up the atarry sky
I could not reach

The star dust was likely to fall
I was sheltering
for it not to disappear
I was sheltering
I was hoping
I was so happy

If the sky lost its color
again one day
I could paint over
the sky again and again
In this spiral

Her cry was immoral melody
she dusted her tears
over the beautiful starry sky
Hope was so brilliant

In this utopia I also
drea dancing star dust today
I am laughing
I am crying
I am alive

In the night sky
I also draw my dream today
In this real world
I can't avoid everything


clear and nero's cover
Niconico logo
clear, nero (cover), madamxx (mix), Taguko (illust), Maru-P (video)
Categories Human Cover
6 Persons' Chorus
Niconico logo
Neko (♂), Mitsumushi, Ryuu, Chitamo, Cherose, Nihonmai (vocals), G-san (mix)
Categories Chorus

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  1. "Megurine Luka's Legendary Signature Song "Hoshikuzu Utopia" is Becoming a Book! Sales Start June 3" - PONYCANYON NEWS

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