Image of "白日梦 (Bái Rì Mèng)"
Album title
  • "白日梦"
  • Traditional Chinese: 白日夢
  • Pinyin: Bái Rì Mèng
Published July 11, 2020, for 8 RMB for Digital

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Background[edit | edit source]

—Author's note

"Bái Rì Mèng" is an EP featuring YANHE that was made for her character birthday and 7th anniversary. It is her third official solo compilation. It also featured at least one song with YANHE's V5 update, which was not released at the time.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."梦太躁 (Mèng Tài Zào)"Ming HuanglitterzyYANHE4:46
2."甜度71.1% (Tiándù 71.1%)" (Sweetness 71.1%)Chu Fan YanAginomotoYANHE V5 Sweet4:09
3."都市交流电 (Dūshì Jiāoliúdiàn)"key-Guang YuiKzYANHE4:11
4."化作星火 (Huà Zuò Xīnghuǒ)"Tong YingGai Gai NyanYANHE4:20
Total length:17:26

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