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Image of "第二页 (Dì Èr Yè)"
Album title
  • "第二页"
  • Traditional Chinese: 第二頁
  • Pinyin: Dì Èr Yè
  • Official English: The Second Page
Published June 1, 2014, for ¥50.00 for Physical

Preceding album[]


The Second Page is a compilation album released by CrossOz featuring works from various producers. The album contains 11 tracks featuring vocals from YANHE and Luo Tianyi.

When purchasing from the original vendor, the album came with an artbook consisting of art corresponding to each track and a Chibi Luo Tianyi and YANHE bag.

Track listing[]

1."绘时光 (Huì Shíguāng)"MouluoA ShuLuo Tianyi4:48
2."叹江湖 (Tàn Jiānghú)" (Sighing About the Rivers and Lakes)QianbiQianbiYANHE4:04
3."雊鹆 (Gòu Yù)" (Starling Bird)Xinghua BaoziPoKeRLuo Tianyi6:46
4."猎魔侦探 (Liè Mó Zhēntàn)"MouluoDaxing Quan Buneng QiLuo Tianyi4:20
5."梦里花 (Mèng Lǐ Huā)"QianbiMeLoLuo Tianyi3:58
6."染血舞鞋 (Rǎn Xuè Wǔ Xié)"MouluoHuazhizi-PLuo Tianyi3:19
7."歪脑筋,好学生 (Wāi Nǎojīn, Hào Xuéshēng)" (Badass Pupils)Tiaonan-PTiaonan-PLuo Tianyi, YANHE4:11
8."星宿计时 (Xīngxiù Jìshí)" (The Stars Counting Time)HetianyeSugita AkiraLuo Tianyi5:06
9."怎么爱 (Zěnme Ài)" (How to Love)Qianyimohua-P, MouluoQianyimohua-PLuo Tianyi3:45
10."海湾屠夫 (Hǎiwān Túfū)" (Bay Harbor Butcher)JUSFJUSFYANHE3:35
11."梦想世界 (Mèngxiǎng Shìjiè)" (Dream World)RosaryGhostFinalLuo Tianyi4:30
Total length:48:22

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