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"Húdié Lǚkè" (Butterfly Traveler) is an official album featuring Xingchen's vocals. It contains nine songs: some are originals and some are covers.

Xiaoyedao x tomato stardust album
Released April 30, 2017
Producer Xiaoyedao
Price 20 - 100 RMB
Illust. AMoZoe, TOMATO
Label Quadimension
Track list
1. 超远距连接
Chāo Yuǎn Jù Liánjiē
Xiaoyedao, Lingyuan Yousa
2. 蝴蝶旅客
Húdié Lǚkè / Butterfly Traveler
Xiaoyedao, Zhemeinai
3. 自由论
Zìyóu Lùn
Xiaoyedao, Hetianye
4. Chu~Chu~Chu~
Xiaoyedao, Minghuang
5. 妈妈说
Māmā Shuō / Mother Says
Xiaoyedao, Minghuang
6. Twinkle Star
7. 魔女日志
Mónǚ Rìzhì / Witch Journal
Xiaoyedao, Zhemeinai
8. 苍白梦书
Cāngbái Mèng Shū
Xiaoyedao, Zhemeinai
9. 你好哈雷
Nǐhǎo Halley / Hello Halley
Xiaoyedao, Minghuang

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