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Image of "血红满月之夜 (Xuèhóng Mǎnyuè zhī Yè)"
Song title
  • "血红满月之夜"
  • Traditional Chinese: 血紅滿月之夜
  • Pinyin: Xuèhóng Mǎnyuè zhī Yè
  • Official English: Blood, Moon, Night
  • English: The Night of Scarlet Full Moon
Published November 26, 2012, with 124,500+ bilibili views
  • Haoyue (compose, arrange, lyrics, tuning)
  • Juner, Guzhangzhe, Bingdu-P (illustrators)
  • Sugita Akira, MAT, Maomaochong-P, Wulamiao, Minghuang, FUKO (production team)
  • bobe (video)

Background[edit | edit source]

The repeated chorus, the repeated massacres. I replace your heartbeats with beats of the electronic drum, and explain your fear with my roar.
—Author's note

"Xuèhóng Mǎnyuè zhī Yè" is an original song featuring Luo Tianyi. It portrays the gruesome description from Flandre Scarlet, who describes her experience of cannibalizing and sipping blood from Tianyi. This is cited from "Whose blood filled the midnight moon?"(夜涂满谁的血月快熄灭), "The blood taste so sticky, fresh, sweet and indulging." (好黏 好鲜 好甜 好迷恋), "All those bloods are sapped away, one sip at a time" (血被 一口一口 吸走), and "This is your beautiful yet horrifying funeral song" (这 凄美的 恐惧的 你的葬歌).

This song exceeded 100,000 views on bilibili.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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